AtlassianPS.Configuration is a module that offers a common set of tools to
    the <https://AtlassianPS.org> products to handle user-specific
    This module contains a set of cmdlets for AtlassianPS products, such as
    JiraPS and ConfluencePS, to use for storing and retrieving user settings.
    The module shall be imported into the global scope and thus making the
    configuration available across all AtlassianPS products loaded into the same
    powershell workspace.
    The module stores a Hashtable in a private variable - not available in the
    global scope. This Hashtable can be extended with virtually any key-value
    pair by using the module's cmdlets. Such a key-value pair will not produce
    any change in behavior of any other cmdlet by itself; the module using this
    module, AtlassianPS.Configuration, must implement a usage for the key-value.
    A documentation of the currently implemented key-value pairs can be found in
    About AtlassianPS.Configuration Keys
    This module stores the latest configuration in memory to disk. By doing so,
    the module is able to retrieve the last known configuration when being imported.
    > AtlassianPS.Configuration uses >
    for importing and > exporting the configuration.
    > Where the configuration is exported and how the configuration is imported
    is > described
    > This example uses
    for illustration.
    > This example uses
    Import-Module ConfluencePS # AtlassianPS.Configuration is imported automatically
    $serverData = @{
        # BaseURL of the server
        Uri = "https://powershell.atlassian.net/wiki"
        # Name with which you want to address this server
        ServerName = "AtlassianPS - wiki"
        # Type of the Atlassian product
        Type = "Confluence"
    Set-AtlassianServerConfiguration @serverData
    Get-ConfluenceSpace -Server "AtlassianPS - wiki"
    This project is run by the volunteer organization AtlassianPS. We are always
    interested in hearing from new users! Find us on GitHub or Slack, and let us
    know what you think.
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