# ID used to uniquely identify this module
    GUID = '0ed51f07-bcc5-429d-9322-0477168a0926'
    # Author of this module
    Author = 'Paulo Marques (MSFT)'
    # Company or vendor of this module
    CompanyName = 'Microsoft Corporation'
    # Copyright statement for this module
    Copyright = '© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.'
    # Description of the functionality provided by this module
    Description = 'Sample functions to add/retrieve/update entities on Azure Storage Tables from PowerShell (This is the same as AzureRmStorageTable module but with a new module name). It requires latest PowerShell Az module installed. Instructions at For documentation, please visit'
    # HelpInfo URI of this module
    HelpInfoUri = ''
    # Version number of this module
    ModuleVersion = '2.0.4'
    # Minimum version of the Windows PowerShell engine required by this module
    PowerShellVersion = '4.0'
    # Minimum version of the common language runtime (CLR) required by this module
    CLRVersion = '2.0'
    # Script module or binary module file associated with this manifest
    #ModuleToProcess = ''
    # Modules to import as nested modules of the module specified in RootModule/ModuleToProcess
    NestedModules = @('AzureRmStorageTableCoreHelper.psm1')
    FunctionsToExport = @(  'Add-AzTableRow',
    VariablesToExport = ''
    AliasesToExport = '*'