function Get-BNMCurrency {
        Gets BNM currency for specified date.

        Invokes HTTP GET method to the BNM server for reading exchange rates based on configuration file.
        Returns whole list of available rates from Banca Nationala.

        Get-BNMCurrency |? { CharCode -match 'EUR' }
        Returns data only for EURO currency.

        Get-BNMCurrency |? { CharCode -match 'EUR' } |% Value
        Returns float value representing exchange rate in MDL (1 EUR = xx.xx MDL)

        Get-BNMCurrency |% CharCode
        Returns list of supported currencies.

        Get-BNMCurrency | select CharCode, Value
        Returns a table representing a map from currency and value.
        Get-BNMCurrency | select CharCode, Value | convertto-csv -notypeinformation | sc rates.csv
        Saves exchange rates into csv file.

    Param ()

    Write-Verbose -Message 'Starting Get-BNMCurrency.'

    $url = Get-BNMConfig -ErrorAction 'SilentlyContinue'
    $data = [xml] $(Invoke-RestMethod $url)
    $fname = "{0}_{1}.xml" -f $(New-TemporaryFile).FullName, $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Name;

    $returnObj = $data.ValCurs.Valute;
    Write-Verbose -Message 'Exiting Get-BNMCurrency.'

    return $returnObj