Carbon.Core is a PowerShell module that contains functions that makes writing PowerShell automation easier.
    # Overview
    The Carbon.Core PowerShell module contains functions that help makes writing PowerShell automation easier. It
    contains the following functions:
    * ConvertTo-CBase64: Convert strings, characters, bytes, numbers, and booleans into base64 strings.
    * Get-CPowerShellPath: Get the path to the PowerShell executable.
    * Invoke-CPowerShell: Run a PowerShell executable, as the current user or another. On 64-bit Windows, you can also
      run 32-bit or 64-bit PowerShell processes.
    * Test-COperatingSystem: Test if the current operating system is 32-bit, 64-bit, Windows, Linux, or macOS.
    * Test-CPowerShell: Test if the current PowerShell instance is 32-bit, 64-bit, Core edition, or Desktop edition.
    # System Requirements
    * Windows PowerShell 5.1+ and .NET 4.6.1+
    * PowerShell Core 6+
    # Installing
    `Carbon.Core` is only available on the PowerShell Gallery. To install globally:
        Install-Module -Name 'Carbon.Core'
        Import-Module -Name 'Carbon.Core'
    To install privately,
        Save-Module -Name 'Carbon.Core' -Path '.'
        Import-Module -Name '.\Carbon.Core'
    ZIP packages are also available on the
    [project's site on GitHub](
    # Links
    * [Project](
    * [Carbon.Core on the PowerShell Gallery](