# It is required to implement this function for the providers that support UnInstall-Package.
function Uninstall-Package {
    param (

    Write-Debug -Message ($LocalizedData.ProviderDebugMessage -f ('Uninstall-Package'))
    Write-Debug -Message ($LocalizedData.FastPackageReference -f $FastPackageReference)

    # If the fast package preference doesnt match the pattern we expect, throw an exception
    if ((-not ($FastPackageReference -match $script:FastReferenceRegex)) -or (-not ($ -and $Matches.version))) {
        ThrowError -ExceptionName "System.ArgumentException" `
            -ExceptionMessage ($LocalizedData.FailToUninstall -f $FastPackageReference) `
            -ErrorId 'FailToUninstall' `
            -ErrorCategory InvalidArgument

    $chocoParams = @{
        Name = $
        Version = $Matches.version
        Force = Get-ForceProperty

    $swid = $(
        $result = Uninstall-ChocoPackage @chocoParams
        if (-not $result) {
            ThrowError -ExceptionName 'System.OperationCanceledException' `
            -ExceptionMessage "The operation failed. Check the Chocolatey logs for more information." `
            -ErrorID 'JobFailure' `
            -ErrorCategory InvalidOperation `
        ConvertTo-SoftwareIdentity -ChocoOutput $result -Name $Name -Source $Matches.source

    if (-not $swid) {
        # Choco didn't throw an exception but we couldn't pull a Software Identity from the output.
        # The output format Choco.exe may have changed from what our regex pattern was expecting.
        Write-Warning ($LocalizedData.UnexpectedChocoResponse -f $FastPackageReference)