[ClassVersion("1.0.0"), FriendlyName("PVSWaitForFarm")]
class CTX_PVSWaitForFarm : OMI_BaseResource
    [Required, Description("Citrix PVS Farm name.")] String FarmName;
    [Key, Description("Citrix PVS Server name.")] String ExistingPVSServer;
    [Write, Description("SOAP Port of the PVS Server to connect to.")] Uint32 SoapPort;
    [Write, Description("Interval between retries in seconds.")] Uint64 RetryIntervalSec;
    [Write, Description("Retry count before timing out.")] Uint32 RetryCount;
    [Write, EmbeddedInstance("MSFT_Credential"), Description("Specify a user account that is PVS Farm admin.")] String Credential;