1. DellCommandPowerShellProvider2.7.0_<BuildNumber>.zip might be blocked on your system.
   Use the following PowerShell Cmdlet to unblock the file -
        Unblock-File .\DellCommandPowerShellProvider2.7.0_<BuildNumber>.zip
2. Extract the contents of the zip after it is unblocked.
3. For a 32-bit OS, copy the files from DellBIOSProviderX86 folder to the following location:
Use ${env:ProgramFiles}\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\DellBIOSProviderX86
   For a 64-bit OS, copy the files from DellBIOSProvider folder to the following location:
    Note: - You can create a module folder using following command from PowerShell console -
        New-Item -Type Container -Force -path <folder path>
4. Open Windows PowerShell console and import the DellBIOSProvider module.
  Or you can modify the Load-DellBIOSProvider.ps1 as per your requirements and then run the script file.
   Note: - To automatically load then module when Windows PowerShell is started, add Import-Module DellBIOSProvider to the Windows PowerShell Profile.ps1 file.