A Hyper-V Diagnostic Utility

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Install-Module -Name Diag-V

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Jake Morrison


(c) 2019 Jake Morrison. All rights reserved.



Hyper-V HyperV Diag-V Diagnostic Diagnostics Tests VM VMs VirtualMachine VirtualMachines VHDs VHDXs VHDX VHD VirtualHardDisk CSV ClusterSharedVolume Overallocation Overprovisioning Health Resource Status Info Replication SharedVHD Allocation Logs EventLogs EventLog


Get-VMStatus Get-VMInfo Get-VMReplicationStatus Get-VMLocationPathInfo Get-IntegrationServicesCheck Get-BINSpaceInfo Get-AllVHD Get-SharedVHD Test-HyperVAllocation Get-CSVInfo Get-FileSizeInfo Get-HyperVLogInfo


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

   Minor update to help
   Fixed bug where Get-AllVHD was returning duplicated VHD results
   Added Pester tests for all functions.
   Re-wrote all functions from previous module versions to account for bugs and layout of new tests. Removed Write-Host - all functions now return PowerShell objects.
   Fixed numerous bugs.
   Added additional functionality to several functions. Some functions were renamed to more clearly indicate what they are now capable of.
   Adjusted layout of Diag-V module to CI/CD standards.
   Added code to support AWS Codebuild.
   Added new icon.
   Rewrote all documentation to capture new changes and capabilities.
   Complete re-write from original script version.
   Converted Diag-V from a ps1 PowerShell script to a fully supported PowerShell module.
   Redesigned all diagnostic functions:
   Improved error control, General bug fixes, Better readability, Added new Hyper-V log parser function.
   Initial .ps1 script version of Diag-V.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.0.2 (current version) 1,040 12/30/2019
3.0.1 456 2/19/2019
3.0.0 76 1/22/2019
2.0 628 12/11/2017