# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
# Licensed under the MIT License.

Initializes state for the module on load.

This script file initializes state for the Documentarian.Vale module
to make it easier to work with the module's classes, configuration,
and enums.

It runs in the caller's session state when the module is loaded to
obviate the need to remember to call the `using` statement on the
module and ensures the public classes and enums are available.


using module .\Documentarian.Vale.psm1

$PackageNameCompleter = {

  [ValeKnownStylePackage].GetEnumNames() | Where-Object {
    $_ -like "$wordToComplete*"
  } | ForEach-Object {

$PackageNameCompleterParams = @{
  CommandName   = 'New-ValeConfiguration'
  ParameterName = 'StylePackage'
  ScriptBlock   = $PackageNameCompleter
Register-ArgumentCompleter @PackageNameCompleterParams