function Write-FormatControl
        Writes the Format XML for a Control
        Writes the .format.ps1xml for a custom control. Custom Controls can be reused throughout the formatting file.


    # The name of the control


    The script block used to fill in the contents of a custom control.

    The script block can either be an arbitrary script, which will be run,
    or it can contain a series of Write-FormatViewExpression commands.

    If the ScriptBlock contains Write-FormatViewExpression,
    code in between Write-FormatViewExpression will not be included in the formatter

    [Alias('ScriptBlock', 'DefaultAction')]

    process {
        $Splat = $PSBoundParameters |
            & ${?@} -Command Write-FormatCustomView
        $Splat.AsControl = $true
        $splat | & ${.@}