Function Remove-ExPerfwiz {
    Removes data collector sets from perfmon
    Used to remove data collector sets from perfmon.
    Name of the Perfmon Collector set
    Default ExPerfwiz
    .PARAMETER Server
    Name of the server to remove the collector set from
    Default LocalHost
    .PARAMETER Quiet
    Suppresses output to the screen
    Default False
    Logs all activity into $env:LOCALAPPDATA\ExPefwiz.log file
    Remove a collector set on the local machine
    Remove-ExPerfwiz -Name "My Collector Set"
    Remove a collect set on another server
    Remove-ExPerfwiz -Server RemoteServer-01

    param (

        $Name = "Experfwiz",

        $Server = $env:ComputerName,

        $Quiet = $false
    Out-LogFile -string ("Removing Experfwiz for: " + $server) -quiet $Quiet
    # Remove the experfwiz counter set
    [string]$logman = logman delete -name $Name -s $server

    # Check if we have an error and throw and error if needed.
    If ([string]::isnullorempty(($logman | select-string "Error:"))) {
        Out-LogFile "ExPerfwiz removed" -quiet $Quiet
    else {
        Out-LogFile "[ERROR] - Unable to remove Collector" -quiet $Quiet
        Out-LogFile $logman -quiet $Quiet
        Throw $logman