Function Remove-ExPerfwiz {
    Removes data collector sets from perfmon
    Used to remove data collector sets from perfmon.
    Name of the Perfmon Collector set
    Default Exchange_Perfwiz
    .PARAMETER Server
    Name of the server to remove the collector set from
    Default LocalHost
    Logs all activity into $env:LOCALAPPDATA\ExPefwiz.log file
    Remove a collector set on the local machine
    Remove-ExPerfwiz -Name "My Collector Set"
    Remove a collect set on another server
    Remove-ExPerfwiz -Server RemoteServer-01

    param (

        $Name = "Exchange_Perfwiz",

        $Server = $env:ComputerName
    Out-LogFile -string ("Removing Experfwiz for: " + $server) 
    # Remove the experfwiz counter set
    [string]$logman = logman delete -name $Name -s $server    

    # Check if we have an error and throw and error if needed.
    If ([string]::isnullorempty(($logman | select-string "Error:"))) {
        Out-LogFile "ExPerfwiz removed" 
    else {
        Out-LogFile "[ERROR] - Unable to remove Collector" 
        Out-LogFile $logman 
        Throw $logman

    # Remove the scheduled task if it is there
    Remove-PerfWizScheduledTask -Name $Name -Server $Server