Importing transaction history from Interactive Brokers.
The `Get-IbReport` cmdlet import transaction history from Interactive Brokers using flex query version 3 API.
Interactive Brokers provides two types of statements. The Activity Flex and Trade Confirms Flex.
Activity Flex statement provides daily data with all information at the end of the day (Total equity, open positions, trades, cash transactions etc.)
Trade Confirms Flex provides the trades only but it is refreshed immediately after the trade is confirmed.
.Parameter Query
Flex query ID of Interactive Brokers.
.Parameter Token
Your flex web service token in Interactive Brokers.
Get-IbReport -Query 123456
Get-IbReport 123456
Get-IbReport 123456 | Sort-Object settledate | Select-Object -Last 15 | Format-Table
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function Get-IbReport {
  $path = [Environment]::GetFolderPath('ApplicationData')
  $Colors = @{
    ForegroundColor = "White"
    BackgroundColor = "Red"
  if ($token -ne $true) {
    if ((Test-Path "$path\IbToken.txt") -ne $true) {
      Write-Host "Please run 'Get-IbReport -Token' to provide Interactive Brokers token (Missing)" @colors
    elseif ($query -eq '') {
      Write-Host "Please run 'Get-IbReport -Query <<YOUR QUERY ID>>' to provide Interactive Brokers query ID (Missing)" @colors
    else {
      ## Define variables
      $ib_token = Get-Content "$path\IbToken.txt"
      $ib_version = 3
      $init_url = ""
      $getdata_url = ""

      #Authenticate to server
      $Body = @{
        t = $ib_token
        q = $query
        v = $ib_version

      try { $response = Invoke-WebRequest $init_url -Body $Body -Method 'POST' } catch { Write-Host @colors $_.Exception.Response.StatusCode.Value__ $_.Exception.Response.StatusCode }

      [xml]$ib_ref = $response.Content

      $status = $ib_ref.FlexStatementResponse.status
      $errorCode = $ib_ref.FlexStatementResponse.ErrorCode
      $errorMessage = $ib_ref.FlexStatementResponse.ErrorMessage

      if ($status -eq "Fail") {
        Write-Host "$errorCode $status $errorMessage" @colors

      else {

        # Display IB Response Code
        # $ib_ref.FlexStatementResponse.ReferenceCode

        #Retrieve statement data
        $Body = @{
          q = $ib_ref.FlexStatementResponse.ReferenceCode
          t = $ib_token
          v = $ib_version
        $response = Invoke-WebRequest $getdata_url -Body $Body -Method 'POST'
        [xml]$xml = $response.Content

        if ($xml.FlexQueryResponse.type -eq "TCF") {
          $result = $xml.FlexQueryResponse.FlexStatements.FlexStatement.TradeConfirms.TradeConfirm

        if ($xml.FlexQueryResponse.type -eq "AF") {
          $result = $xml.FlexQueryResponse.FlexStatements.FlexStatement.ChangeInDividendAccruals.ChangeInDividendAccrual

        #Print result
        return $result
  else {
    Read-Host -Prompt "`nPlease provide token" | Out-File $path\IbToken.txt -Force
    Write-Host "`nYou can now run this with -Query to get report information" -ForegroundColor Green
    Write-Host "If you need to change the token, please run 'Get-IbReport -token' again`n" -ForegroundColor Green
Export-ModuleMember -Function Get-IbReport