function Set-GzDbConnectionString() {
    Sets the default global connection string and optionally the
    provider used to create the GzDbProviderFactory.
    An alternate ConvertTo-Json method that outputs readable json unlike
    the native version for Powershell 5 and below.
    .PARAMETER ConnectionString
    The string of key pair values that is used to construct a connection
    to a resource such as a database server.
    (Optional) The of the Database Provider Factory such as
    "System.Data.SqlClient", "MySql.Data.MySqlClient", "Npgsql2 Data Provider"
    Set-GzDbConnectionString "Data Source=(LocalGzDb)\MSSQLLocalGzDb;Integrated Security=True"

        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true, Position = 0)]
        [String] $ConnectionString,
        [String] $Name = "Default"

    Process {
        Set-GzDbOption -Name "ConnectionStrings/$Name" -Value $ConnectionString