v1.0 - 8/9/2012
    - Initial release
v1.0.1 - 8/10/2012
    - Updated logic on retrieving CIM_ComputerSystem to interop with Dell iDrac
    where more than one CIM_ECP association to a Profile exists
    - Added RegisteredOrganization parameter to get-RegisteredProfile since some
    OEMs use the same Profile name although not implementing the DMTF Profile
    - Updated all occurrences of selecting RegisteredProfile to only use DMTF
v1.0.2 - 8/13/2012
    - Changed CimSession parameter to not be mandatory, now defaults to localmachine
    based on suggestion from Shay Levy. Most functions won't work on a Windows box
    without additional WMI Providers installed, but some (like get-registeredprofile)
    will work.
    - Changed all exceptions/errors to warnings. If one machine in an array of machines
    fails or doesn't support a Profile, no need to throw a terminating error
v1.0.3 - 11/27/2012
    - Addressed feedback from Hemal Shah and Stephen Hurd
    - Fixed Computed Reading output so that the units show up
    - Added PerceivedSeverityName value mapping to CIM_LogEntry
    - Added AvailablePowerStates to CIM_ComputerSystem instance
    - Fixed help for Set-BootOrder not working
    - Renamed BootOrder BootSupport value names to be more ITPro friendly
v1.1.0 - 9/3/2013
    - Fixed some grammar issues in the help text
    - Insert CIM typename so that formatting applies for derived instances
    - Added initial support for Text Console Redirection Profile
    - Added support for Simple Identity Management Profile
    - Added support for Role Based Authorization Profile
    - Added CIM cmdlet prefix to module manifest
    - Added ShouldProcess support to Set-PowerState, Clear-RecordLog, Remove-Account
v1.2.0 - pre-release
    - Added support/preference for Physical Computer System View Profile
    - Added Test-RMCPConnection cmdlet for discovery as part of DASH
    - Added CimSession/UserID parameterset to *-Account cmdlets
    - Added CimSession/InstanceID parameterset to Clear-RecordLog and Get-LogEntry cmdlets
    - Changed Get-MD5Hash to be private function