LiteDB Cmdlets, the document store in PowerShell
    The module provides the following commands:
            Opens new or existing database and creates the database instance
            Opens the database, invokes the script, and closes the database
            Invokes the script operating on data with a transaction
            Invokes the LiteDB SQL command and gets results
            Gets the collection with optional auto id
            Operate on documents in the collection
            Registers types with custom serialization.
            PowerShell friendly wrapper of [LiteDB.BsonDocument].
            It is used as the default type of output documents.
            It is effective as input, too, avoiding conversions.
            - dot-notation for getting and setting values
            - usual IDictionary properties and methods
            - Print() - gets indented formatted JSON
            - FromJson() - creates data from JSON
            - EnsureId() - generates ObjectId
            - ToBsonDocument() - gets the wrapped document
            - ditto by implicit conversion to BsonDocument
            PowerShell friendly wrapper of [LiteDB.BsonArray].
            It is mostly used for arrays in output documents.
            Normally you do not have to create it directly.
            - usual IList properties and methods
            - ToBsonArray() - gets the wrapped array
            - ditto by implicit conversion to BsonArray
            PowerShell friendly wrapper of [LiteDB.BsonExpression].
            - Parameters, wrapped by [Ldbc.Dictionary] for dot-notation
    Ldbc https://github.com/nightroman/Ldbc
    LiteDB https://www.litedb.org