R E L E A S E N O T E S
    Marvell QLogic FC PowerKit for Windows, Linux and VMware_ESXi
Version 06, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-3613 - Removed strict gcc flag --ffast-math
  * FCD-3626 - Reverted back Visual Studio Library from v140 to v120.
Version 27, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-3562 - Fixed issue of getting proper error message on attempting flash on CNA adapters using hilda fw bin file
  * FCD-3576 - Fixed issue of not getting DMI data
  * FCD-3583 - Fixed HBA Params, Boot Config and NVRAM Config update failure when ISP abort is active.
  * Fixed Reset Statistics error display issue.
Version 6, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * Fixed error code handling for maintenance mode for NVMe Boot config and FCP Boot config
Version 31, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCP-743 : Added FW load error handling support (Debuggability improvements).
Version 18, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-418 : Added support for Adapter, Port and vPort Alias
  * FCD-3387 : Added support for dynamic Pistache Library in ESXi8.0
  * FCD-3359 : Map virtual port to physical port using PCI Bus and Slot numbers
  * FCD-3388 : RHEL 8.9/9.3 inbox testing: Flash update fails with 25xx adapters
  * Added Klocwork fixes
  * Remove debug symbols from shared library
  * Added _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 for Linux library to remove “FORTIFY” related issues.
  * Updated Windows, Linux and VMware ESXi7.0/8.0 SDMAPI libraries
  * Removed iSCSI, NIC and Classic Q adapter from QUAPI libraries for Windows, Linux and VMware ESXi7.0/8.0
Version 19, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-3271 - Added support for listing NPIV VPorts on ESX7.0 and ESXi8.0
  * FCD-3241 - Fixed QUAPI for resolving failing Save-MRVLFCAdapterConfigToFile cmdlet.
  * Updated Vendor Id for ESXi7.0 package from MRVL to QLG.
Version 02, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * Updated Vendor Id for ESXi7.0 package from MRVL to QLG.
Version 16, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-3118 - Avoid multiple SFP read calls during apps initialization.
Version 10, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * Updated Linux SDMAPI v7.00 build3 for removal of static libsysfs linking.
Version 03, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-3137 - Fixed FlashMultiBootVersion in Adapter listing.
  * FCD-3106 - Fixed CT Fabric Trace Route Command crash.
  * FCD-3053 - Fixed CT diagnostics and FC Ping Diagnostic Commands on NVMe targets.
Version 07, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * Updated Linux SDMAPI v7.00 build1 for removal of static libsysfs linking.
Version 08, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-3043: Fixed PCI SubSystemID (SSID) corruption issue.
Version 06, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * Fixed QUAPI changes for FCD-3022, FCD-2908, FCD-2939
  * Removed zip08 and zlib from Windows QUAPI dependency.
Version 29, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-2861 - Fixed issue of flash update on HPE 1P Milibury Adapter
Version 25, 2023)
- Following fixes are added:
  * Added support for secure port information V2
  * Fixed Klocwork issues
  * Updated SDMAPI libraries for FCD-2694
Version 19, 2022)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-2744 : Fixed issue of listing, creation and deletion of NPIV port on Linux.
  * FCD-2700 : Fixed issue of listing NVMe disk in LinkStatus diagnostic test.
Version 2, 2022)
- Following fixes are added:
  * Added support for following Cmdlets:
    - Get-MRVLFCPortDriverStats
    - Get-MRVLFCPortFWStats
    - Reset-MRVLFCPortFWStats
    - Get-MRVLFCTargetStats
  * FCD-2328 : Fixed issue of not able to change FEC mode from enable to disable at 16G data rate without reboot.
  * FCD-2641 : Added Accelink 64 G SFP data support
  * Added support for 'LinkUncorrectableFECCount' attribute for Port and Target USCM Statistics.
  * FCD-2669 & FCD-2670 - Updated QUAPI for fixing these issues.
  * Added support for IA ESXi8.0
  * Updated Linux SDMAPI targetting following issues:
    - Updated libsysfs code with latest code from sysfsutils-2.1.1-10.el9.src.rpm.
  * Updated VMware ESXi SDMAPI targetting following issues:
    - FCD-2548: Use next valid NVMe controller if NVMe Passthru call to first controller fails.
    - FCD-2578: Use 4KB buffer size and set SGL flags in NVMe passthru commands (required for NVMeT software targets).
Version 1, 2022)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-739 : Updated Linux SDMAPI library fixing displaying secure information for NVMe target on Linux.
Version 25, 2022)
- Following fixes are added:
  * Added support for Cisco Calabrese and Fujitsu Foxboro adapters.
  * FCD-2201 : Fixed issue of Get-MRVLFCPort having garbage value for PrincipalFabricWWN and AdjacentFabricWWN.
  * FCD-739 : Fixed issue of getting secure target information.
  * FCD-2237 : Fixed issue of blocking DPort Diagnostic test on NVMe BFS system.
  * Removed 'OutOfOrderFrameAssembly' from HBA parameters from display and save/set cmdlets as per the request from field engineer.
Version 12, 2022)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-2181 : Fixed issues of getting I/O throttlling as disabled on Windows.
  * FCD-2167 : Fixed issue of Save-MRVLFCRISCFirmwareDumpToFile showing incorrect output on Esx8 when run twice.
  * FCD-2202 : Fixed issue of Get-MRVLFCPort having garbage value for PrincipalFabricWWN and AdjacentFabricWWN.
Version 1, 2022)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-2133 : Fixed crash issue of LinkStatus Diagnostic test in QUAPI libraries.
  * FCD-2128 : As per the temporary workaround suggested by Digicert, added additional certificate for signing Windows binaries.
Version 25, 2022)
- Following fixes are added:
  * Added support for IO Throttlig.
  * FCD-2059 - On ESXi8.0, Get-MRVLFCTargetLinkSpeed cmdlet is now discarding invalid target handle.
  * FCD-2052 - Added support to Start-MRVLFCPortEchoDiagnosticTest Cmdlet to work with switch fabric WWPN.
  * Added fixes for Flexera issues.
  * Removed PUN clear count display from USCM target statistics
  * FCD-2057: Display PEP SoftROM versions for ISP27xx based adapters.
Version 07, 2022)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-1949 - On ESXi8.0, Flash Update is working with Update-MRVLFCFlashFromFile.
  * Added fixes for Klocwork issues.
Version 01, 2022)
- Added support for following Cmdlets:
  * Start-MRVLFCPortCTCommandDiagnosticTest
  * Reset-MRVLFCPortCTCommandDiagnosticTest
  * Start-MRVLFCPortEchoDiagnosticTest
  * Reset-MRVLFCPortEchoDiagnosticTest
  * Start-MRVLFCPortPingDiagnosticTest
  * Reset-MRVLFCPortPingDiagnosticTest
  * Start-MRVLFCPortLinkStatusDiagnosticTest
  * Reset-MRVLFCPortLinkStatusDiagnosticTest
  * Start-MRVLFCPortLoopbackDiagnosticTest
  * Reset-MRVLFCPortLoopbackDiagnosticTest
  * Start-MRVLFCPortReadWriteBufferDiagnosticTest
  * Reset-MRVLFCPortReadWriteBufferDiagnosticTest
  * Save-MRVLFCPortNVRAMToFile
  * Set-MRVLFCPortNVRAMFromFile
- Added NVMe BFS support. Following Cmdlets are adde for supporting NVMe BFS.
  * Get-MRVLFCNVMeBootConfig
  * Save-MRVLFCNVMeBootConfigToXMLFile
  * Set-MRVLFCNVMeBootConfigFromXMLFile
- Added support for NVMe attributes display in Target and LUN listing.
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD-1948 - Set-MRVLFCHBAParamsFromXMLFile cmdlet is now working correctly on ESXi8.0.
  * FCD-1974 - Powerkit - On Winodws, after enabling VirtualLane, Port Operations cmdlets are working.
  * FCD-1975 - Powerkit - Get-MRVLFCPortFCETrace is working on Windows
  * FCD-1959 - Powerkit minor fixes with cmdlets added to Cmdlets
  * FCD-1949 - Flash Update is working with Update-MRVLFCFlashFromFile.
  * FCD-1967 - Virtual Lane status is now showing correct state for Get-MRVLFCTargetSCMCheck.
Version 06, 2022)
- Following fixes are added:
  * FCD – 1506 : Save-MRVLFCAdapterConfigToFile is now able to save config file
  * FCD – 1505 : Get/Set FEC is working on ESXi8.0 now.
Version 06, 2022)
- Following cmdlets are added for supporting Local & Remote CimSession with Linux, Windows, ESXi6.x & ESXi7.0 and REST API communication with DSDK on ESXi8.0
    * Get-MRVLFCPortSCMCheck
    * Get-MRVLFCTargetSCMCheck
    * Get-MRVLFCPortSCMStats
    * Get-MRVLFCTargetSCMStats
    * Reset-MRVLFCPortSCMStatistics
    * Get-MRVLFCPortSCMProfile
    * Set-MRVLFCPortSCMActivation
    * Set-MRVLFCPortSCMDriverSettings
    * Get-MRVLFCUEFIBootConfig
    * Save-MRVLFCUEFIBootConfigToXMLFile
    * Set-MRVLFCUEFIBootConfigFromXMLFile
    * New-MRVLFCVPort
    * Remove-MRVLFCVPort
    * Get-MRVLFCAvailableVPorts
    * Get-MRVLFCVPort
    * Get-MRVLFCPortParameters
    * Save-MRVLFCHBAParamsToXMLFile
    * Set-MRVLFCHBAParamsFromXMLFile
    * Get-MRVLFCBootConfig
    * Save-MRVLFCBootConfigToXMLFile
    * Set-MRVLFCBootConfigFromXMLFile
    * Get-MRVLFCPortStats
    * Start-MRVLFCPortRDPDiagnosticTest
    * Start-MRVLFCDPortDiagTest
    * Enable-MRVLFCDPort
    * Disable-MRVLFCDPort
    * Get-MRVLFCAdapterNVRAMVarEnableDPortValue
    * Sync-MRVLFCHost
    * Get-MRVLFCTargetLinkSpeed
    * Set-MRVLFCTargetLinkSpeed
- Added Cisco Virtual Lane Support
Version 10, 2022)
- Following cmdlets are added for supporting Local & Remote CimSession with Linux, Windows, ESXi6.x & ESXi7.0 and REST API communication with DSDK on ESXi8.0
    * Update-MRVLFCFlashFromFile
    * Get-MRVLFCAdapterFlashInformation
    * Save-MRVLFCAdapterConfigToFile
    * Set-MRVLFCAdapterConfigFromFile
    * Save-MRVLFCRISCFirmwareDumpToFile
    * Save-MRVLFCMPIFirmwareDumpToFile
    * Get-MRVLFCAdapterPersonalityType
    * Update-MRVLFCAdapterPersonalityType
    * Get-MRVLFCPortBeaconStatus
    * Update-MRVLFCPortBeaconStatus
    * Reset-MRVLFCDefaultNVRAM
    * Get-MRVLFCFECMode
    * Set-MRVLFCFECMode
    * Reset-MRVLFCFECCounters
    * Get-MRVLFCFECStats
    * Get-MRVLFCPortBBCRCreditRecoveryStatus
    * Enable-MRVLFCPortBBCRCreditRecovery
    * Disable-MRVLFCPortBBCRCreditRecovery
    * Get-MRVLFCPortVPDData
    * Get-MRVLFCPortDMIData
    * Get-MRVLFCPortFCETrace
- Fixed issue for 'Get-MRVLFCManagedLocalHost' on ESXi7.0
Version 18, 2022)
- Provided support for ESXi8.0. Provided DSDK supported new installer for ESXi8.0.
- Changed PowerShell Cmdlets to binary modules
- Following cmdlets are added:
  - Get-MRVLFCAdapter
  - Get-MRVLFCPort
  - Get-MRVLFCVPort
  - Get-MRVLFCPortTarget
  - Get-MRVLFCPortTargetLUN
  - Get-MRVLFCManagedLocalHost
Version 19, 2022)
1] FCD-1140 - File paths are now validated depending upon the Operating System.
2] FCD-1108 - Fixed USCM Target statistics issue for buffer overflow.
3] FCD-1138 - Corrected some Chip Model Name for 64G adapters
4] FCD-1139 - Validated arguments for 'New-MRVLFCVPort' Cmdlet
5] FCD-1141 - Corrected Help text for 'Save-MRVLFCAdapterConfigToFile'
6] FCD-1079 - Allow on the fly activation of HBA parameters and DPort Enable/Disable in local boot environment
Version 10, 2021)
1] FCD-1035 - Allow port reset only in HBA parameters modified port for Mach adapters.
Version 06, 2021)
1] FCD-1047 - Corrected 'HBALinkTrafficTestType'. Added 'HBANodeName'.
2] FCD-1049 - On ESXi Host, fixed external loopback test with various datasize.
Version 01, 2021)
1] Added support for DPort V2
2] Display additional information in DPort test result.
Version 22, 2021)
1] FCD-928 - Added Node name on Get-MRVLFCPortSCMStats command.
2] FCD-929 - Fixed issue of displaying correct Node name on Get-MRVLFCTargetSCMStats command.
Version 20, 2021)
1] Added support for USCM profile. Added following CmdLets:
    i) Get-MRVLFCPortSCMProfile
   ii) Set-MRVLFCPortSCMActivation
  iii) Set-MRVLFCPortSCMDriverSettings
2] Added support for secure and non-secure target details listing.
3] Updated Target and LUN revision for NVMe targets
4] FCD-706 - CMDLET Get-MRVLFCAdapterFlashInformation shows value of FlashToolID as 'Manufacturing Tool' when updated from manufacturing kit.
5] FCD-435 - Targets connected to NPIV ports are having correct target and LUN information.
Version 06, 2021)
1] FCD-627 - 'ConnectionOptions' value '3' is blocked from Set-MRVLFCHBAParamsFromXMLFile CmdLet.
2] FCD-652 - 3PAR Target controller Lun size is now showing LUNSize as 'Unknown'.
3] Added support for iiDMA feature on NVMe target.
Version 23, 2021)
1] Added 64 Gbps support
2] Blocked "Loop_Only" ConnectionOptions for Mach 64 Gbps adapter.
3] FCD-500 - Fixed FEC support information.
4] FCD-527 - Added Adapter passthrough mode support for Hyper-V Windows VM.
5] FCD-579 - Changed format of WWPN/WWNN/PortID from '-' to ':' and lower case hex numeric value.
6] Added IBM Indigo, Fujitsu Freetown and HPE Millbury adapter support.
Version 22, 2021)
1] Updated QUAPI libraries on ESXi Platforms
Version 21, 2021)
1] Fixed issue of Port USCM Status message as 'Congestion Management not available on connected fabric' when congestion management is not disabled or not supported by switch.
2] Fixed issue of Port USCM Statistics showing wrong 'CongestionAlarmCount' on Windows.
3] Added validation to check which virtual port is associated with which physical port while deleting virtual port.
Version 07, 2021)
1] Fixed issue on Windows of getting Target connected to Virtual Port when FAWWPN is toggled.
Version 02, 2021)
1] Updated QUAPI libraries for updated USCM structures.
2] Updated USCM error messages to resemble with QCC CLI.
3] Fixed to correct Target handles connected to Virtual Ports which had wrong Port ID received from QUAPI.
Version 18, 2021)
1] Fixed issue of 'Get-MRVLFCPortBBCRCreditRecoveryStatus' when 'BBCRRecoveryState' is offline.
   'BBCRRecoveryOfflineReason' added to display offline reason.
2] Fixed issue of Firmware Lockdown status display for Virtual Port.
3] Fixed issue of showing different speed to Virtual Port than that of Physical Port.
4] Fixed issue of getting incorrect targets under Virtual Port on Windows.
5] Fixed issue of incorrect display of 'FECSupport' to Physical and Virtual Port.
   Physical Port having port speed more than or equal to 32 GB will have 'FECSupport' as 1.
   Virtual Port will have same 'FECSupport' as physical port.
6] Fixed issue of ‘Get-MRVLFCAvailableVPorts’ not getting correct value when 'Remove-MRVLFCVPort'
   is used with 'DoNotRefreshHost' as True.
Version 31, 2021)
1] FCD-188 - Fixed issue of 'Set-MRVLFCAdapterConfigFromFile' CmdLet not showing the results message for Linux host.
2] FCD-190 - Fixed issue of 'Get-MRVLFCPortTarget' reflecting incorrect details for Esx host.
3] Added 'DoNotRefreshHost' argument for New-MRVLFCVPort and Remove-MRVLFCVPort CmdLets.
   This is an optional argument which defers host refresh after creating or deleting virtual port.
4] Fixed FCoE port listing issue.
5] CmdLet Get-MRVLFCAdapterFlashInformation will show 'FC Powerkit' as tool name if flash is updated from FC Powerkit.
6] Fixed setting RecvOutOfOrderDataBit, EnableLRBit and EnableFabricAssignWWN HBA parameters issue.
Version 12, 2021)
1] ER0000000148559 - Fixed issue for not showing ResultMessage for Save-MRVLFCAdapterConfigToFile on Linux.
2] ER0000000148568 - Fixed issue of displaying LunInfo and LunList in Target enumerations.
3] ER0000000148556 - Fixed issue for display of lockdown status for Virtual Port on Dell Adapters.
4] Added support for handling asynchronous calls for CmdLets called by other applications.
5] Added HBAPortNumber and VirtualPortNumber attributes in Port and Virtual Port respectively.
6] Moved saving and setting NVRAM from file to Port level.
   Added Set-MRVLFCPortNVRAMFromFile and Save-MRVLFCPortNVRAMToFile CmdLets to Save and Set NVRAM files respectively.
   Removed MPI_CONFIG option from Save-MRVLFCAdapterConfigToFile and Set-MRVLFCAdapterConfigFromFile.
7] Added display for speed to online ports.
Version 8, 2021)
1] Added following features and their CmdLets:
    a) Personality Management
        i) Get-MRVLFCAdapterPersonalityType
        ii) Update-MRVLFCAdapterPersonalityType
    b) IIDMA
        i) Set-MRVLFCAllTargetLinkSpeed
        ii) Get-MRVLFCTargetLinkSpeed
    c) BBCR Management
        i) Get-MRVLFCPortBBCRCreditRecoveryStatus
        ii) Enable-MRVLFCPortBBCRCreditRecovery
    d) FCE Trace
        i) Get-MRVLFCPortFCETrace
2] Moved VPD data display from Adapter level to Port Level. Added 'Get-MRVLFCPortVPDData' CmdLet to get VPD Data for Port.
3] Moved Transceiver Diagnostics Monitoring Interface (DMI) Data display from Port level to separate CmdLet. Added 'Get-MRVLFCPortDMIData' Cmdlet to get DMI Data for Port.
4] Improved performance for Adapter and Port operations.
5] Improved performance for Virtual Port enumerations.
6] Added usability related fixes for display purpose.
7] ER0000000148501 - Fixed for addition of display string for Windows 2022.
Version 25, 2021)
1] Fixed issue related VMware ESXi certification.
2] Changed USCM strings to SCM in commands and help text.
3] Updated SDMAPI library for ER0000000148272.
Version 21, 2021)
1] ER0000000148241 - Target list and information is shown as "N/A" when no target is connected.
2] ER0000000148243 - WWULN for NVMe target is shown as "N/A"
Version 15, 2021)
 1] Converted USCM attributes display from "CongestionAlarm" to "CongestionAlarmCount" and "CongestionWarning" to "CongestionWarningCount".
 2] ER0000000148162 - For Virtual Port display of FW lockdown status changed to "Unsupported Firmware".
 3] ER0000000148205 - Changed PhyPortHandle attributes for Target and LUN display to PortHandle. Now PortHandle can be Physical Port Handle or Virtual Port Handle to which target is connected.
 4] ER0000000148209 - Added validation for creating new Virtual port to check available maximum virtual ports supported.
 5] ER0000000148208 - Get-MRVLFCPortBeaconStatus and Update-MRVLFCPortBeaconStatus are now showing "Unsupported HBA" error code for the adapters that do not support.
 6] ER0000000148211 - Get-MRVLFCAdapterFlashInformation updated to show correct information for Mezzanine Adapters.
 7] ER0000000148212 - Corrected attributes applicable for Port for not applicable adapters.
 8] ER0000000148220 - Updated Start-MRVLFCPortRDPDiagnosticTest to display "Unsupported HBA" for unsupported adapters.
 9] ER0000000148222 - Updated Enable-MRVLFCDPort/Disable-MRVLFCDPort to display "Unsupported HBA" for unsupported adapters.
10] ER0000000148224 - Updated Start-MRVLFCPortReadWriteBufferDiagnosticTest to show correct result message.
11] ER0000000148226 - Updated Get-MRVLFCPortParameters to show attributes as "N/A" for not applicable adapters.
Version 08, 2021)
1] Provided support for NVMe target listing. Filter out NVMe target for Boot From SAN configuration.
2] ER0000000148142 - Changed the display of USCM target statistics. Target USCM statistics are available at target level and accessible with TargetHandle.
3] ER0000000148161 - Fixed Start-MRVLFCPortLoopbackDiagnosticTest for External Loopback test issue on Linux.
4] ER0000000148162, ER0000000148117 & ER0000000148126 - Removed unwanted fields and fixed wrong fields shown.
5] ER0000000148104 - Fixed Port id issues in Adapter information.
6] ER0000000148168 - Fixed display of DPort Diagnostic test when DPort is not supported.
7] ER0000000148116 - Removed unwanted fields. Changed CmdLet name from "Get-MRVLFCFlashMemoBlock" to "Get-MRVLFCFlashInformation".
8] Changed CmdLet nameCorrected ‘Get-MRVLFCAdapterBeaconStatus’ and ‘Update- MRVLFCAdapterBeaconStatus’ to ‘Get-MRVLFCPortBeaconStatus’ and ‘Update- MRVLFCPortBeaconStatus’.
9] Updated SDMAPI library included fix for ER000000148178.
Version 29, 2020)
Fixed following USCM issues:
1] ER0000000147918 - Updated SDMAPI VMware library. Fixed issue of reflecting Link Failure.
2] ER0000000147919 - Updated SDMAPI VMware library. Fixed issue of reflecting Peer Congestion.
3] ER0000000147921 - USCM configuration values are shown correct now.
4] ER0000000147934 - Added validation for SCM field applicable to HBA
Version 1, 2020)
1] Added USCM phase 2 support
2] Added support for MACH FCode update support
Version 8, 2020)
1] ER0000000147665 - Added support for Link up/down scenario by adding 'Sync-MRVLFCHost' CmdLet to sync-up host getting monitored. This CmdLet can be used to refresh data when link up/down happens.
2] ER0000000147700 - Fixed issue of enable/disable Dport property to single port. It was getting applied to adapter level earlier.
3] ER0000000147665 - Fixed issue of Dport diagnostic test in Link up/down scenario. Use 'Sync-MRVLFCHost' to refresh data.
4] ER0000000147682 - Fixed listing issue of Target and LUNs in Link up/down scenario. Use 'Sync-MRVLFCHost' to refresh data.
5] Updated Dport Diagnostic test to display required fields only. Added result messages for every test performed in DPOrt Diagnostic test.
6] Updated Target and LUN level fields display. Removed unnecessary fields. Added fields like 'Status' and 'LinkStatus' in Target level.
Version 21, 2020)
1] Fixed' Update-MRVLFCFlashFromFile' on Windows platform.
2] Updated with new HBA listings.
3] Updated FW lockdown fields detailing with success message or error message if any.
4] Changed 'DeviceID', 'SubsystemID', 'VendorID', 'SubvendorID', 'SubsystemDeviceID' and 'SubsystemVenodorID' fields to Hexadecimal display.
Version 11, 2020)
1] Fixed issues reported by EIT team on earlier releases.
2] Moved ‘Save-MRVLFCFirmwareDumpToFile’ to Adapter level from Port Level. Changed the name from ‘Save-MRVLFCFirmwareDumpToFile’ to ‘Save-MRVLFCRISCFirmwareDumpToFile’.
3] Added support for ‘Save-MRVLFCMPIFirmwareDumpToFile’ which dumps MPI firmware. This is applicable for adapter level. This feature is applicable only on Linux and not applicable on Windows and ESXi platforms.
4] Added support for FW Lockdown feature. Please note that FW lockdown is tested only on Linux. Windows and ESXi driver are still not available.
5] Changed Linkstatus Diagnostic test to display a list of nodes and their status. Also added Link status message to determine the Link Status.
6] Added checks in DPort Diagnostic tests before performing the DPort Diagnostic test like if Link is up, etc.
Version 5, 2020)
Fixed issue in QUAPI for Linux platform
Version 24, 2020)
1] Provided support for Virtual Port management on Linux and Windows.
    Note: Virtual Port feature is not supported On VMware_ESXi.
    a. New-MRVLFCVPort
    b. Remove-MRVLFCVPort
    c. Get-MRVLFCAvailableVPorts
    d. Get-MRVLFCVPort
2] Resolved issues of co-exultancy of FC and Ethernet provider on same Host system.
3] Mapped Adapter and Port level fields correctly as per QCC CLI.
4] Provided support for FW dump on Windows. FW dump is dumped in file path provided by user.
5] Fixed issues reported by EIT team on earlier release.
Version 26, 2020)
Summary of Changes & Fixes:
1]. Fixed all the issues which are reported by EVT team in each Cmdlet for Windows, Linux and ESXi such as
    a]. Empty fields,
    b]. Invalid attribute values,
    c]. Cmdlet failures specific to OS.
    d]. Added some new fields.
    e]. Removed redundant and invalid fields.
2]. Renamed all Diagnostic Test Cmdlets to make them uniform and more self explanatory for usability.
3]. Added following new cmdlets support.
    a]. FC Edif Cmdlets.
    b]. FC Boot Config Cmdlets.
    c]. FC Port Parameters Cmdlets.
    d]. FC Adapter Configurations Cmdlets such as “SerdesRegion", "FirmwareTable", "MpiCfg", "NVRAM".
    e]. FC Firmware dump.
    f]. FC Flash Update and Flash memory block.
    g]. Update FC Adapter Beacon Status.
    h]. FEC Mode, FEC Counters and FEC stats.
Available in this release:
a]. Local and Remote Host Cmdlets:
    1. Get-MRVLFCManagedLocalHost
    2. Get-MRVLFCManagedRemoteHost --> Note: This Cmdlet is not applicable for this release.
b]. Adapter Level Cmdlets( Flash Update and Adapter Configs):
    3. Get-MRVLFCAdapter
    4. Update-MRVLFCFlashFromFile
    5. Get-MRVLFCFlashMemoBlock
    6. Save-MRVLFCAdapterConfigToFile
    7. Set-MRVLFCAdapterConfigFromFile
c]. Port Level Cmdlets:
    8. Get-MRVLFCPort
    9. Get-MRVLFCAdapterBeaconStatus
    10. Update-MRVLFCAdapterBeaconStatus
    11. Reset-MRVLFCDefaultNVRAM
    12. Get-MRVLFCFECMode
    13. Set-MRVLFCFECMode
    14. Reset-MRVLFCFECCounters
    15. Get-MRVLFCFECStats
    16. Save-MRVLFCFirmwareDumpToFile
    17. Get-MRVLFCPortStats
d]. PortTarget Level Cmdlet:
    18. Get-MRVLFCPortTarget
e]. PortTargetLUN Level Cmdlet:
    19. Get-MRVLFCPortTargetLUN
f]. Boot Config Cmdlets:
    20. Get-MRVLFCBootConfig
    21. Save-MRVLFCBootConfigToXMLFile
    22. Set-MRVLFCBootConfigFromXMLFile
g]. Diagnostic Test Cmdlets:
    23. Start-MRVLFCPortCTCommandDiagnosticTest
    24. Reset-MRVLFCPortCTCommandDiagnosticTest
    25. Exit-MRVLFCPortCTCommandDiagnosticTest
    26. Start-MRVLFCPortEchoDiagnosticTest
    27. Reset-MRVLFCPortEchoDiagnosticTest
    28. Exit-MRVLFCPortEchoDiagnosticTest
    29. Start-MRVLFCPortPingDiagnosticTest
    30. Reset-MRVLFCPortPingDiagnosticTest
    31. Exit-MRVLFCPortPingDiagnosticTest
    32. Start-MRVLFCPortRDPDiagnosticTest
    33. Reset-MRVLFCPortRDPDiagnosticTest
    34. Start-MRVLFCPortLinkStatusDiagnosticTest
    35. Reset-MRVLFCPortLinkStatusDiagnosticTest
    36. Start-MRVLFCPortLoopbackDiagnosticTest
    37. Reset-MRVLFCPortLoopbackDiagnosticTest
    38. Start-MRVLFCPortReadWriteBufferDiagnosticTest
    39. Reset-MRVLFCPortReadWriteBufferDiagnosticTest
    40. Exit-MRVLFCPortReadWriteBufferDiagnosticTest
    41. Start-MRVLFCDPortDiagTest
    42. Enable-MRVLFCDPort
    43. Disable-MRVLFCDPort
    44. Get-MRVLFCAdapterNVRAMVarEnableDPortValue
g]. Port Parameters Cmdlets:
    45. Get-MRVLFCPortParameters
    46. Save-MRVLFCHBAParamsToXMLFile
    47. Set-MRVLFCHBAParamsFromXMLFile
g]. Edif Cmdlets:
    48. Get-MRVLFCEdifConfig
    49. Set-MRVLFCEdifConfigString
    50. Set-MRVLFCEdifRemotePortConfig
    51. Remove-MRVLFCEdifRemotePortConfig
    52. Add-MRVLFCEdifRemotePortConfig
    53. Set-MRVLFCEdifRekeyKeySize
    54. Set-MRVLFCEdifRekeyReauthRetryTime
    55. Set-MRVLFCEdifRekeyTime
    56. Set-MRVLFCEdifRekeyReauthTime
Version 17, 2020)
- Initial release with following Cmdlet support for Local Host.
1. Get-MRVLFCAdapter
2. Get-MRVLFCPort
3. Get-MRVLFCPortParameters
4. Get-MRVLFCPortStats
5. Get-MRVLFCPortTarget
6. Get-MRVLFCPortTargetLUN
7. Start-MRVLFCPingDiagnostic
8. Reset-MRVLFCPingDiagnostic
9. Exit-MRVLFCPingDiagnostic
10. Reset-MRVLFCRDPDiagnosticParameters
11. Start-MRVLFCLoopBackDiagnostic
12. Reset-MRVLFCLoopBackDiagnosticParameters
13. Start-MRVLFCPortCTCommandDiagnostic
14. Reset-MRVLFCPortCTCommandDiagnostic
15. Exit-MRVLFCPortCTCommandDiagnostic
16. Start-MRVLFCLinkStatusDiagnostic
17. Reset-MRVLFCLinkStatusDiagnostic
18. Start-MRVLFCEchoDiagnostic
19. Reset-MRVLFCEchoDiagnostic
20. Exit-MRVLFCEchoDiagnostic
21. Get-MRVLFCAdapterNVRAMVarEnableDPortValue
22. Enable-MRVLFCDPort
23. Disable-MRVLFCDPort
24. Start-MRVLFCDPortDiagTest
25. Start-MRVLFCRDPDiagnostic
26. Get-MRVLFCAdapterBeaconStatus
27. Get-MRVLFCAdapterAsicBoardTemperature
28. Get-MRVLFCManagedLocalHost
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