using namespace System.Net.Http
#requires -version 7.2
# This is the bootstrap script for Modules
[CmdletBinding(PositionalBinding = $false)]
param (
    #Specify a specific release to use, otherwise 'latest' is used
    [string]$Release = 'latest',
    #Specify the user
    [string]$User = 'JustinGrote',
    #Specify the repo
    [string]$Repo = 'ModuleFast',
    #Specify the module file
    [string]$ModuleFile = 'ModuleFast.psm1',
    #Entrypoint to be used if additional args are specified
    [string]$EntryPoint = 'Install-ModuleFast',
    #Specify the module name
    [string]$ModuleName = 'ModuleFast',
    #Path of the module to bootstrap. You normally won't change this but you can override it if you want
    [string]$Uri = $(
        $base = "$User/$Repo/releases/{0}/$ModuleFile";
        $version = $Release -eq 'latest' ? 'latest/download' : "download/$Release";
        $base -f $version
    #All additional arguments passed to this script will be passed to Install-ModuleFast
$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'

if (Get-Module $ModuleName) {
    Write-Warning "Module $ModuleName already loaded, skipping bootstrap."

Write-Debug "Fetching $ModuleName from $Uri"
$ProgressPreference = 'SilentlyContinue'
try {
    $httpClient = [HttpClient]::new()
    $response = $httpClient.GetStringAsync($Uri).GetAwaiter().GetResult()
} catch {
    $PSItem.ErrorDetails = "Failed to fetch $ModuleName from $Uri`: $PSItem"
Write-Debug 'Fetched response'
$scriptBlock = [ScriptBlock]::Create($response)
$ProgressPreference = 'Continue'

#We don't use New-Module here because it has some eccentricies like not being unloadable
$bootstrapModule = New-Module -Name $ModuleName -ScriptBlock $scriptblock | Import-Module -PassThru
Write-Debug "Loaded Module $ModuleName"

if ($installArgs) {
    Write-Debug "Detected we were started with args, running $Entrypoint $($installArgs -join ' ')"
    & $EntryPoint @installArgs

    #Remove the bootstrap module if args were specified, otherwise persist it in memory
    Remove-Module $bootstrapModule