function Invoke-PSCUCMSqlQuery {
    Invoke a SQL Query against CUCM Server.
    Invoke a SQL Query against CUCM Server.
    .PARAMETER SqlQuery
    SQL Query to invoke.
    .PARAMETER EnableException
    Replaces user friendly yellow warnings with bloody red exceptions of doom!
    Use this if you want the function to throw terminating errors you want to catch.
    .PARAMETER OutputXml
    Output just XML
    Invoke-PSCUCMSqlQuery -SqlQuery "Select * from phones"
    Will execute the query against the CUCM server. This is probably a bad query... Do *not* try this at home.

    param (
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
    $CucmAxlSplat = @{
        entity          = 'executeSQLQuery'
        parameters      = @{
            sql = $SqlQuery
        EnableException = $EnableException
        OutputXml       = $OutputXml
    Invoke-PSCUCMAxlQuery @CucmAxlSplat