Function New-PesterFileMap () {
        Generates a new mapping between PowershellSource file <-> PesterTest file.
        Pester Coverage function needs a 1:1 relationship between the source file and pester test file.
        Therefore we need this map to iterate through via Pester.
        You need to separate your source and pester files in the module. Best practice ist to separate them in the
        Root level.
    .PARAMETER SourceRoot
        Specifies the the root directory for powershell source files.
    .PARAMETER PesterRoot
        Specifies the root directory for you Pester files.
        # Set location to your module root
        $FileMap = New-PesterFileMap -SourceRoot '.\src'-PesterRoot '.\tests'
        File Name : New-PesterFileMap.ps1
        Author : Marco Blessing -
        Requires :



    BEGIN {
        $Map = @{}

        $Files = Get-ChildItem -Path $SourceRoot -Filter "*.ps1" -Recurse

        ForEach ($File in $Files) {
            $PesterFile = Get-ChildItem -Path $PesterRoot -Filter ("*{0}.Tests.ps1" -f $File.BaseName) -Recurse
            $Map.($File.FullName) = $PesterFile.FullName
            Write-Verbose ("{0} -> {1}" -f $File.FullName, $PesterFile.FullName)

    END {
        Write-Output $Map