### Version
New features:
* Added binding Ctrl+SpaceBar to MenuComplete in Windows and Emacs modes
  - If you want to old behavior of Ctrl+Spacebar, bind it to PossibleCompletions
* Added binding Alt+. (YankLastArg) to Windows mode
* Added diagnostics when an exception occurs to help reporting bugs
Bug fixes:
* SaveHistoryPath option fixed
* Fix ShowKeyBindings to not write blank lines
* Fixed bug with undo
### Version
New features:
* MenuComplete - like an interactive show completion
* Automatically save history
    - at process exit
    - incrementally and shared across sessions
    - don't save
  See parameters HistorySaveStyle and HistorySavePath to Set-PSReadlineOption
* Added sample custom binding for quickly changing directories in SamplePSReadlineProfile.ps1
Bug fixes:
* Items loaded from history work with RevertLine
* Recalling current line after up arrow works again
### Version
New features:
* SamplePSReadlineProfile.ps1 added with examples of custom key bindings
* Word movement takes DigitArgument
* HistoryNoDuplicates now works a little differently
    - Dupicates are saved (it was a dubious memory optimization anyway)
    - Recall will recall the most recently executed item instead of the first
* When at the last word, NextWord/ForwardWord now move to the end of line instead
  of the last character of the word.
* HistorySearchBackward/HistorySearchForward changes behavior slightly:
    - use emphasis like InteractiveHistorySearch
    - cursor always moves to end like PreviousHistory/NextHistory
* New api GetSelectionState to get the current selection (if any).
* New functions:
    - SelectBackwardsLine
    - SelectLine
    - SelectAll
    - CopyOrCancelLine
* New key bindings in Windows mode:
    - Alt+0 through Alt+9 and Alt+-: DigitArgument
    - Ctrl+R/Ctrl+S for interactive history search
Bug fixes:
* Backspace after a failed interactive history search (Ctrl+R) caused searching
  to fail if you typed anything other than backspace.
### Version
New features:
* CaptureScreen - copies selected portion of screen to clipboard in text and rtf
* InvokePrompt - re-evaluate the prompt while preserving the current input
* New functions to scroll the screen w/o using the mouse:
    - ScrollScreenUp
    - ScrollScreenDown
    - ScrollScreenTop
    - ScrollScreenToCursor
* Many small bug fixes
### Version
New features:
* CharacterSearch/CharacterSearchBackward
* AcceptAndGetNext (Ctrl+O in bash)
* Get-PSReadlineKeyHandler now returns unbound functions
* Get-PSReadlineKeyHandler has 2 new parameters: -Bound and -Unbound
* Set-PSReadlineKeyHandler parameter -LongDescription is now -Description
  (not breaking because I left an alias)
* WhatIsKey - display binding for a key
* ShowKeyBindings - show all bound keys
* Keyboard selection of text for cut/copy/delete. New functions:
  - Cut
  - Copy
  - KillRegion
  - SelectBackwardChar
  - SelectForwardChar
  - SelectBackwardWord
  - SelectForwardWord
  - SelectNextWord
  - SelectShellForwardWord
  - SelectShellBackwardWord
Breaking change:
* The properties in the output of Get-PSReadlineKeyHandler have changed.
  This is unlikely to break anyone though.
### Version
New features:
* Delimiter support in *Word functions
* DigitArgument (Alt-0,Alt-1,Alt-2,...,Alt-9,Alt--) to pass numeric arguments
* YankLastArg/YankNthArg to extract arguments from previous command lines
* History search is now case insensitive with an option to make it case sensitive
Bugs fixed:
* Shift+Backspace works like Backspace
* Ctrl+R with long search lines no longer causes big problems
Behavior change:
* Word functions now use delimiters. The previous behavior is availble
  via a Shell*Word function, e.g. instead of KillWord, use ShellKillWord.
### Version
New features:
* Interactive history search (Ctrl+R)
* Brace matching function added (GotoBrace)
* Clear screen (Ctrl+L)
Bugs fixed:
* When showing possible completions, truncate at newline
* Prompt before showing a large number of completions
* Undo after paste works now
* Long pause after clicking on X to close powershell is now fixed
### Version
Bugs fixed:
* Removed CLR 4.5 dependency
* Fix bug where console paste didn't display everything in some cases
### Version
New features:
* Add a "demo mode" that shows keys pressed
* Add ETW event source for demo mode, key logger, macro recorder etc.
* Undo/redo
* Get-PSReadlineOption cmdlet
* Make specifying key handlers for builtins simpler
* Current un-entered line is saved and recalled when cycling through history
* Support syntax coloring of member names
Bugs fixed:
* Speed up pasting from the console
* Fix coloring of some operators
* Fix coloring in some command arguments
* Ctrl-C is handled a little better
Breaking changes:
* CLR 4.5 is now required.
* SetBufferState is gone because it doesn't support Undo/Redo
### Version
New features:
* History imported when module is loaded
* Ctrl+End/Ctrl+Home bindings emulate cmd
* Arbitrary two key chords
* Key handlers passed the invoking key and an optional argument
* Made Ding public for custom handlers
Bugs fixed:
* Alternate keyboards now supported
* Ctrl-C now properly emulates cmd
Breaking changes:
* MinimumHistoryCommandLength parameter removed from Set-PSReadlineOption
    - Can use this instead:
        Set-PSReadlineOption -AddToHistoryHandler { $args[0].Length -gt 3 }
### Version
Initial release