#pragma namespace("\\\\.\\root\\default")
instance of __namespace{ name="MS_409";};
#pragma namespace("\\\\.\\root\\default\\MS_409")
class MSFT_PackageManagementSource : OMI_BaseResource
  [Key,Description("The name of the package source.\n") : Amended] string Name;
  [Description("The name of the package provider.\n") : Amended] String ProviderName;
  [Description("The Uri location of the package source.\n") : Amended] String SourceUri;
  [Description("Whether the package source is to be registered or unregistered.\nPresent {default} \nAbsent \n") : Amended] String Ensure;
  [Description("The credential used to access repository of package source.\n") : Amended] String SourceCredential;
  [Description("Whether the package is trusted or untrusted.\nTrusted {default} \nUntrusted \n") : Amended] String InstallationPolicy;