Function Install-NuGet {
    Installs NuGet from the web.
    Checks that NuGet is installed in given folder location. If it isn't it is downloaded from the web.
    .PARAMETER WorkingFolder
    Location that Nuget.exe is/isn't.
    NugetExe: the path to Nuget, irrespective of whether it was downloaded or already existed.
    $NuGetPath = Install-NuGet -WorkingFolder $PsScriptRoot

            [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
            [string] $WorkingFolder
        $NuGetInstallUri = ""
        Write-Verbose "Working Folder : $WorkingFolder" -Verbose
        $NugetExe = $("$WorkingFolder\nuget.exe")
        if (-not (Test-Path $NugetExe)) {
            Write-Verbose "Cannot find nuget at path $WorkingFolder\nuget.exe" -Verbose
            If (($LinkStatus = Test-DownloadUri -uri $NuGetInstallUri) -ne 200) {
                Throw "It appears that download Nuget link no longer works. "    
            $sourceNugetExe = $NuGetInstallUri
            Write-Verbose "$sourceNugetExe -OutFile $NugetExe" -Verbose
            Invoke-WebRequest $sourceNugetExe -OutFile "$NugetExe"
            if (-not (Test-Path $NugetExe)) { 
                Throw "It appears that the nuget download hasn't worked."
            Else {
                Write-Verbose "Nuget Downloaded!" -Verbose
        Return $NugetExe