PowerShell module with commands for discovering, installing, updating and publishing the PowerShell artifacts like Modules, DSC Resources, Role Capabilities and Scripts.

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This is a prerelease version of PowerShellGet.
There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
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Install-Module -Name PowerShellGet -RequiredVersion 3.0.0-beta10 -AllowPrerelease -Force

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Find-PSResource Get-PSResourceRepository Get-PSResource Install-PSResource Register-PSResourceRepository Save-PSResource Set-PSResourceRepository Publish-PSResource Uninstall-PSResource Unregister-PSResourceRepository Update-PSResource


PSModule PSRepository


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Release Notes

### 3.0.0-beta10
# Changelog
Bug Fixes
* Bug fix for -ModuleName (used with -Version) in Find-PSResource returning incorrect resource type
* Make repositories unique by name
* Add tab completion for -Name parameter in Get-PSResource, Set-PSResource, and Unregister-PSResource
* Remove credential argument from Register-PSResourceRepository
* Change returned version type from 'NuGet.Version' to 'System.Version'
* Have Install output verbose message on successful installation (error for unsuccessful installation)
* Ensure that not passing credentials does not throw an error if searching through multiple repositories
* Remove attempt to remove loaded assemblies in psm1

### 3.0.0-beta9
New Features
* Add DSCResources

Bug Fixes
* Fix bug related to finding dependencies that do not have a specified version in Find-PSResource
* Fix bug related to parsing 'RequiredModules' in .psd1 in Publish-PSResource
* Improve error handling for when repository in Publish-PSResource does not exist
* Fix for unix paths in Get-PSResource, Install-PSResource, and Uninstall-PSResource
* Add debugging statements for Get-PSResource and Install-PSResource
* Fix bug related to paths in Uninstall-PSResource

### 3.0.0-beta8
New Features
* Add Type parameter to Install-PSResource
* Add 'sudo' check for admin privileges in Unix in Install-PSResource

Bug Fixes
* Fix bug with retrieving installed scripts in Get-PSResource
* Fix bug with AllUsers scope in Windows in Install-PSResource
* Fix bug with Uninstall-PSResource sometimes not fully uninstalling
* Change installed file paths to contain original version number instead of normalized version

### 3.0.0-beta7
New Features
* Completed functionality for Update-PSResource
* Input-Object parameter for Install-PSResource

Bug Fixes
* Improved experience when loading module for diffent frameworks
* Bug fix for assembly loading error in Publish-PSResource
* Allow for relative paths when registering psrepository
* Improved error handling for Install-PSResource and Update-PSResource
* Remove prerelease tag from module version directory
* Fix error getting thrown from paths with incorrectly formatted module versions
* Fix module installation paths on Linux and MacOS

### 3.0.0-beta6
New Feature
* Implement functionality for Publish-PSResource

### 3.0.0-beta5
* Note: 3.0.0-beta5 was skipped due to a packaging error

### 3.0.0-beta4
New Feature
* Implement -Repository '*' in Find-PSResource to search through all repositories instead of prioritized repository

Bug Fix
* Fix poor error handling for when repository is not accessible in Find-PSResource

### 3.0.0-beta3
New Features
* -RequiredResource parameter for Install-PSResource
* -RequiredResourceFile parameter for Install-PSResource
* -IncludeXML parameter in Save-PSResource

Bug Fixes
* Resolved paths in Install-PSRsource and Save-PSResource
* Resolved issues with capitalization (for unix systems) in Install-PSResource and Save-PSResource

### 3.0.0-beta2
New Features
* Progress bar and -Quiet parameter for Install-PSResource
* -TrustRepository parameter for Install-PSResource
* -NoClobber parameter for Install-PSResource
* -AcceptLicense for Install-PSResource
* -Force parameter for Install-PSResource
* -Reinstall parameter for Install-PSResource
* Improved error handling

### 3.0.0-beta1
* Preview version of PowerShellGet. Many features are not fully implemented yet. Please see https://devblogs.microsoft.com/powershell/powershellget-3-0-preview1 for more details.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.0.22-beta22 828 9/20/2023
2.2.5 184,678,492 9/22/2020 12,354,369 4/22/2020
2.2.4 559,679 4/16/2020
2.2.3 8,546,644 12/23/2019
2.2.2 455,184 12/11/2019
2.2.1 3,089,051 8/16/2019
2.2 976,533 7/9/2019
2.1.5 670,278 6/18/2019
2.1.4 752,240 5/21/2019
2.1.3 348,579 5/14/2019
2.1.2 1,597,140 3/15/2019
2.1.1 206,937 3/14/2019
2.1.0 281,732 3/8/2019
2.0.4 1,131,113 1/15/2019
2.0.3 1,002,853 11/19/2018
2.0.1 1,178,946 9/24/2018
2.0.0 429,671 9/13/2018
1.6.7 684,020 8/17/2018
1.6.6 1,009,803 7/2/2018
1.6.5 1,001,396 5/17/2018
1.6.0 1,017,889 12/5/2017 353,302 10/9/2017 211,649 8/8/2017 262,705 5/16/2017 211,752 12/5/2016 189,612 10/12/2016 188,910 9/29/2016
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