Helper library for creating PRTG sensor XML output

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Install-Module -Name PrtgAPI.CustomSensors

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Prtg Custom Sensors EXE Script Advanced XML


Prtg Result Text Error Channel Value Unit CustomUnit SpeedSize VolumeSize SpeedTime Mode Float DecimalMode Warning ShowChart ShowTable LimitMaxError LimitMaxWarning LimitMinWarning LimitMinError LimitErrorMsg LimitWarningMsg LimitMode ValueLookup NotifyChanged


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

-Fixed a bug wherein a value of 0 would result in an empty tag

PrtgAPI.CustomSensors is a PowerShell module for generating the XML output required by EXE/Script Advanced sensors.

Typically, to generate a response with one channel the following XML is required

               <Channel>First Channel</Channel>

The equivalent XML can be generated as follows via PrtgAPI.CustomSensors

Prtg {
       Result {
               Channel "First Channel"
               Value 10

All tags supported by EXE/Script Advanced sensors are supported by PrtgAPI.CustomSensors. For additional information please see the Project Site.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.2.2 (current version) 380 4/27/2017
0.2.1 19 3/24/2017
0.2.0 15 3/9/2017
0.1.0 10 3/9/2017