Function Test-DscResourcePropertyParameterStatus {
      Return whether or not a DSC Resource Property can be read from a target system
      Some DSC Resources have properties which cannot be read back from a target system
      with the Get method. These properties are classified as parameters in Puppet.
    .PARAMETER Property
      The DSC Resource property to check for parameter status
      Test-DscResourcePropertyParameterStatus -Property $DscResource.Properties[0]
      This will return `$True` if the property is a parameter and `$False` otherwise.

    # We cannot strongly type this *and* have useful unit tests as the type
    # has read-only values and cannot be created properly nor updated. For
    # other commands we could just grab real examples but for processing a
    # ton of data types, that's just not feasible. It *should* be:
    # Microsoft.PowerShell.DesiredStateConfiguration.DscResourcePropertyInfo

  $KnownParameters = @(

  $Property.Name -in $KnownParameters -or  $Property.ReferenceClassName -match 'Credential'