Explanation of when & how to use `puppet.dsc` to convert private/internal
    PowerShell modules into Puppet modules.
    Sometimes you may want to puppetize a PowerShell module with DSC Resources
    which is
    published to the
    Public PowerShell Gallery
    - for any reason, but often because the resources include business-specific logic.
    Luckily, `Puppet.Dsc` makes no distinction between PowerShell modules with
    DSC Resources which are public and private; you just need to tell it
    to find the modules to Puppetize.
    The `New-PuppetDscModule` function is able to transparently use any valid
    PSRepository feed to retrieve PowerShell modules with DSC Resources:
    # To puppetize from an alternate PSRepository feed
    # Make sure to replace 'MyRepository' with your repository name
    New-PuppetDscModule -PowerShellModuleName PowerShellGet -PowerShellModuleVersion 2.2.3 -Repository MyRepository
    If you don't already have a private PSRepository feed, you can
    add one
    via the Microsoft docs. You can even
    register a PSRepository for a local or shared folder
    Once you have the repository added, you need to remember to specify the
    `Repository` parameter when calling `New-PuppetDscModule` - otherwise it
    will default to the
    Public PowerShell Gallery