Converts input to a QRCode object.

    Uses the ZXing.Net library to convert input to a QRCode object.

.PARAMETER InputObject
    The data to encode into a QRCode

.PARAMETER ErrorCorrection
    The ammount of redundant data to include in the QRCode for error correction.

    ConvertTo-QRCode -InputObject "http://www.example.com" | Format-QRCode

    This converts the URL to a QRCode an then uses the Format-QRCode function to output the code on the screen.

function ConvertTo-QRCode {

        $ErrorCorrection = "M"
    process {
        [ZXing.QrCode.Internal.Encoder]::Encode($InputObject, [ZXing.QrCode.Internal.ErrorCorrectionLevel]::$ErrorCorrection)
Export-ModuleMember -Function ConvertTo-QrCode