Quickly create a new type of dice!
  Easily generate new and custom dice. From pre-defined dice to completely
  custom dice.
    Information or caveats about the function e.g. 'This function is not supported in Linux'
  The number of sides you want your dice to have.
  An array of sides for your dice. This can be an int or a string.
  PS C:\> New-Dice

  Generates a standard D6 dice.
  PS C:\> New-Dice -List @('Fail','Success')

  Generates a success and fail dice.
  PS C:\> New-Dice -Sides 20

  Generates a standard D20 dice.

function New-Dice {
  [CmdletBinding(DefaultParameterSetName = 'Simple')]
  param (
    [parameter(ParameterSetName = 'Simple')]
    [parameter(ParameterSetName = 'Advanced')]
  if ($Sides) { [Dice]::new($Sides) }
  elseif ($List) { [NonNumericDice]::new($List) }
  else { [Dice]::new() }