[ClassVersion(""), FriendlyName("Disk")]
class DSC_Disk : OMI_BaseResource
    [Key, Description("Specifies the identifier for which disk to modify.")] String DriveLetter;
    [Required, Description("Specifies the disk identifier for the disk to modify.")] String DiskId;
    [Write, Description("Specifies the identifier type the DiskId contains. Defaults to Number."), ValueMap{"Number","UniqueId","Guid","Location"}, Values{"Number","UniqueId","Guid","Location"}] String DiskIdType;
    [Write, Description("Specifies the partition style of the disk. Defaults to GPT."), ValueMap{"MBR","GPT"}, Values{"MBR","GPT"}] String PartitionStyle;
    [Write, Description("Specifies the size of new volume. Leave empty to use the remaining free space.")] Uint64 Size;
    [Write, Description("Define volume label if required.")] String FSLabel;
    [Write, Description("Specifies the allocation unit size to use when formatting the volume.")] Uint32 AllocationUnitSize;
    [Write, Description("Specifies the file system format of the new volume."), ValueMap{"NTFS","ReFS"}, Values{"NTFS","ReFS"}] String FSFormat;
    [Write, Description("Specifies if potentially destructive operations may occur.")] Boolean AllowDestructive;
    [Write, Description("Specifies if the disks partition schema should be removed entirely, even if data and OEM partitions are present. Only possible with AllowDestructive enabled.")] Boolean ClearDisk;