Given a Twitch clip or video timestamp URL, get a URL to the same moment from the cross-referenced video or channel.

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Install-Module -Name StreamXRef -RequiredVersion 3.4.1

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Alex Wiser


Copyright 2020 Alex Wiser. Licensed under MIT license.

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Stream Twitch Cross-Reference Reference Rest API Find Search Windows Linux Mac


Find-TwitchXRef Export-XRefData Import-XRefData Clear-XRefData Enable-XRefPersistence Disable-XRefPersistence


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Release Notes

## 3.4.1

* Added deprecation warning due to Twitch shutting down the v5 API in February, 2022.
* Added error message if module is run after this date

## 3.4.0

* Future-proofing by assuming Twitch will use 64-bit integers after running out of 32-bit integers for video ids.

## 3.3.0

* Find: 2nd parameter name changed to `Target` (from `XRef`, which will still work).

## 3.2.0

* Find: Allow shorthand format for video sources ("v/...", "video/...").

## 3.1.1

* Persistence: Added options for compressing and excluding clip mapping.
* Persistence: Join 'datacache.json' to path if environment variable XRefPersistPath is not a *.json file.
* Import: Fixed counter only showing values from last file if pipelined multiple paths.

## 3.0.0

First version released as a full PowerShell Module.

* Renamed module to "StreamXRef" due to Twitch's limitations on project names
* Renamed `Get-TwitchXRef` to `Find-TwitchXRef`
* Changed alias from `gtxr` to `txr`
* Added data caching
* Added `Export-XRefData`, `Import-XRefData`, `Clear-XRefData`, `Enable-XRefPersistence`, and `Disable-XRefPersistence`


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