Cmdlets for Twincat ADS and device management for Powershell Core and Windows Powershell

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Install-Module -Name TcXaeMgmt -RequiredVersion 6.0.27

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Beckhoff Automation GmbH 2021



Powershell Management TcXaeMgmt ADS Route Beckhoff TwinCAT


Add-AdsRoute Close-TcSession Copy-AdsFile Get-AdsRoute Get-AdsState Get-TcDataType Get-TcSession Get-TcSymbol Get-TcTargetInfo Get-TcVersion New-TcSession Read-TcValue Remove-AdsRoute Set-AdsState Test-AdsRoute Write-TcValue Get-TcLicense Send-TcReadWrite Register-AdsHandle Unregister-AdsHandle Add-MqttRoute Remove-MqttRoute Get-MqttRoute Register-AdsNatRoute Restart-AdsComputer Stop-AdsComputer Get-TcRouterInfo Get-AmsRouterEndpoint Set-AmsRouterEndpoint Get-TcEvent Get-IODevice Get-EcMaster Get-EcBoxes Get-EcFrameStatistics Get-IoFreeRun Set-IoFreeRun Reset-IoFreeRun Get-RTimeLatency Get-RTimePerformance Get-RTimeCpuSettings


Core Desktop


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Powershell Commandlets for TwinCAT ADS Communication and TwinCAT Ads Management tasks.

>= TwinCAT 3.1.4024.10 (XAR Runtime or Full) (local installation)
>= .NET Framework 4.6.1
>= Windows Powershell 5.1
>= Powershell (Core) 6.0

This version of the TcXaeMgmt Module only works with TwinCAT Versions >= 4024.10
locally installed. If an older TwinCAT Version is used on the system, please install
the 3.X Series of the TcXaeModule for Windows Powershell.

- Read/Write Values to Local or Remote Systems via ADS (Symbolic, Raw ProcessImage Data)
- Start-Stop logical ADS Devices (PLC, SystemService) and setting Config Mode locally and remote
- Collection Remote Target System Information (TwinCAT Version)
- Broadcast Search (Browsing ADS Network infrastucture)
- Adding / Removing ADS Routes
- Session Management (ADS Sessions and connections)
- Browsing symbolic information from TwinCAT Targets

First Steps:

Getting global information
PS> get-help about_TcXaeMgmt

Getting List of commands
PS> get-command -module TcXaeMgmt

Getting Command Help:
PS> get-help Read-TcValue -full
Documentation and further learning

[Documentation TcXaeMgmt Module]
[About the TcXaeMgmt Module]

Enh: TcXaeMgmt uses 'AmsConfiguration:LoopbackAddress' and 'AmsConfiguration:LoopbackPort' during module load to relocate the RouterEndpoint Address and Port (see TwinCAT.Ams.AmsConfiguration class)
Enh: New Cmdlets 'Set-AmsRouterEndpoint' and 'Get-AmsRouterEndpoint'
Enh: Streamlining LicenseLevels to support Pending LicenseToken states, fixes #48797
Fix: Fixing error Add-AdsRoute: The CancellationTokenSource has been disposed

[Beckhoff Homepage]

  • TcXaeMgmt.nuspec
  • License.txt
  • TcXaeMgmt-Help.xml
  • TcXaeMgmt.format.ps1xml
  • TcXaeMgmt.psd1
  • TcXaeMgmt.psm1
  • TcXaeMgmt.types.ps1xml
  • netstandard2.0\EtherCAT.Description.dll
  • netstandard2.0\Microsoft.CSharp.dll
  • netstandard2.0\Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstractions.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Buffers.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.CodeDom.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.ComponentModel.Composition.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Management.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Memory.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Numerics.Vectors.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Reactive.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Resources.Extensions.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Runtime.InteropServices.WindowsRuntime.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Security.AccessControl.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Security.Cryptography.ProtectedData.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Security.Permissions.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Security.Principal.Windows.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Text.Encoding.CodePages.dll
  • netstandard2.0\System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions.dll
  • netstandard2.0\TwinCAT.Ads.Abstractions.dll
  • netstandard2.0\TwinCAT.Ads.dll
  • netstandard2.0\TwinCAT.Ads.Reactive.dll
  • netstandard2.0\TwinCAT.Ads.Server.dll
  • netstandard2.0\TwinCAT.Core.dll
  • netstandard2.0\TwinCAT.Management.dll
  • netstandard2.0\TwinCAT.SystemService.dll
  • netstandard2.0\TwinCAT.Utilities.dll
  • netstandard2.0\de\TwinCAT.Core.resources.dll
  • netstandard2.0\de\TwinCAT.Utilities.resources.dll

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
6.0.33 116 6/20/2022
6.0.27 (current version) 257 4/8/2022
3.2.31 628 5/21/2021