Sample module to manage AutoPilot devices using the Intune Graph API

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Install-Module -Name WindowsAutoPilotIntune

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Michael Niehaus


(c) 2019 Microsoft. All rights reserved.



Get-AutoPilotDevice Set-AutoPilotDeviceAssignedUser Remove-AutoPilotDevice Get-AutoPilotImportedDevice Add-AutoPilotImportedDevice Remove-AutoPilotImportedDevice Get-AutoPilotProfile Get-AutoPilotProfileAssignedDevice ConvertTo-AutoPilotConfigurationJSON Set-AutoPilotProfile Add-AutoPilotProfile Remove-AutoPilotProfile Get-AutoPilotProfileAssignments Remove-AutoPilotProfileAssignments Set-AutoPilotProfileAssignedGroup Get-EnrollmentStatusPage Add-EnrollmentStatusPage Set-EnrollmentStatusPage Remove-EnrollmentStatusPage Invoke-AutopilotSync Import-AutoPilotCSV


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Version 3.5: Added 256 to the default CloudAssignedOobeConfig value to suppress the check for Windows feature updates
Version 3.5: Fixed HttpMethod values for DELETE and PATCH to be upper-case
Version 3.4: Fixed a bug
Version 3.3: Removed duplicate cmdlet
Version 3.2: Added Get-AutopilotProfileAssignedDevices cmdlet to get the list of devices with a specific profile
Version 3.1: Fixed bugs, added expand logic for Autopilot devices
Version 3.0: Modified script to use the Microsoft.Graph.Intune module, added new functions from Damien Van Robaeys
Version 2.7: Added support for using GroupTag instead of OrderID for uploading batches of devices
Version 2.6: Added the ability to read the OrderID value from a CSV file; fixed "Waiting for 1 of" message
Version 2.5: Modified ConvertTo-AutopilotConfigurationJSON to set ZtdCorrelationId to the ID of the profile; added Set-AutoPilotDeviceAssignedUser function (thanks to Oliver Kieselbach)
Version 2.4: Modified ConvertTo-AutopilotConfigurationJSON to properly support available AAD user-driven options
Version 2.3: Added new Invoke-AutopilotSync method (equivalent to clicking "Sync" in the Intune console)
Version 2.2: Added pagination support (thanks to Oliver Kieselbach)
Version 2.1: Fixed syntax issue in connect method
Version 2.0: Added cmdlet help (and fixed the mistake of using 1.41 as a verion, since 1.41 is considered > 1.5 because 41 is greater than 5)
Version 1.4: Added functions to delete a device, to list Autopilot profiles, and to convert Autopilot profiles into JSON.
Version 1.3: Fixed module manifest to export functions

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.6 (current version) 217 11/14/2019