# Script module or binary module file associated with this manifest.
RootModule = 'Write-LogMessage.psm1'
# Version number of this module.
ModuleVersion = '0.4'
# ID used to uniquely identify this module
GUID = '4b37294d-eab1-4c51-a96e-25dc1151364d'
# Author of this module
Author = 'Kevin Attard Compagno'
# Company or vendor of this module
CompanyName = 'Invicti'
# Copyright statement for this module
Copyright = '(c) Kevin Attard Compagno. All rights reserved.'
# Description of the functionality provided by this module
Description = '
Write-LogMessage is a simple PowerShell Logger
Write-LogMessage writes the log to the console with color.
Usage: Write-LogMessage [-logMessage] <string> [[-errorLevel] {INFO|SUCCESS|WARNING|ERROR|DEBUG}] [[-logFilePath] <string>] [[-stack] <string>]
Default errorLevel is INFO

# Minimum version of the PowerShell engine required by this module
PowerShellVersion = '5.0'