The XenDesktop7Lab composite DSC resources mask some of the underlying implementation/complexities
    of the individual XenDesktop7 (https://github.com/VirtualEngine/XenDesktop7) DSC resources.

    The XenDesktop7lab resources can be used to deploy Citrix XenDesktop v7.x via PowerShell`
    Desired State Configuration (DSC). This module contains the following DSC resources:

    * XD7LabAdministrator - Adds and assigns an administrative role.
    * XD7LabApplication - Publishes an application.
    * XD7LabController - Adds a controller to an existing XenDesktop site.
    * XD7LabDeliveryGroup - Creates a desktop group, adds machine(s) and creates access and entitlement policies.
    * XD7LabLicenseServer - Installs RDS and Citrix licensing server and imports license file.
    * XD7LabMachineCatalog - Creates a machine catalog and adds machine(s).
    * XD7LabMsiLicenseServer - Installs RDS and Citrix licensing server (from MSI) and imports license file.
    * XD7LabSessionHost - Installs RDSH, VDA and assigns RDS license server.
    * XD7LabSimple - Creates a simple, single host XenDesktop 7.x deployment.
    * XD7LabSimpleHttps - Creates a simple, single host XenDesktop 7.x deployment using HTTPS for Storefront.
    * XD7LabSite - Configures CredSSP, installs the controller role, creates the XenDesktop site and assigns administrators.
    * XD7LabStorefront - Installs IIS required roles, Storefront and Director.
    * XD7LabStorefrontHttps - Installs IIS required roles, certificate and configures Storefront and Director to use HTTPS.
    * XD7LabStorefrontRedirect - Adds a default website redirect for Storefront.
    * XD7LabStorefrontUrl - Configures the Citrix Storefront base URL, e.g. to use HTTPS.

    The XenDesktop7Lab composite DSC resources have dependencies on the following DSC resources:
    * XenDesktop7 - https://github.com/VirtualEngine/XenDesktop7
    * xCertificate - https://github.com/Powershell/xCertificate
    * xCredSSP - https://github.com/Powershell/xCredSSP
    * xWebAdministration - https://github.com/Powershell/xWebAdministration

    DSC, DSC Resource, Citrix, XenDesktop