The `Zip` module is for managing ZIP archives. It has no dependencies on
    external tools/libraries. It is pure PowerShell/.NET. It supports more advanced ZIP management than other tools. It has the following functions:
    * `New-ZipArchive` for creating new, empty ZIP files.
    * `Add-ZipArchiveEntry` for adding files to an existing ZIP file.
    Because creation of a ZIP file and adding files to a ZIP files are
    separate, you have more control of what gets added to your archives. You
    don't have to gather your files in a temporary location in order to ZIP
    them up into a file that is organized the way you want.
    * Windows PowerShell 4+ running under .NET Framework 4.6 or later
    * PowerShell Core 6+ running under .NET Core.
    Zip is published to the PowerShell Gallery. To install globally:
        Install-Module Zip
    To save a copy locally:
        Save-Module Zip
    A ZIP archive of each version is also published to the
    [releases area on the Zip GitHub project](https://github.com/webmd-health-services/Zip/releases).
    If you've installed Zip globally, you can run `Import-Module 'Zip'` to get
    started. If you've installed it locally, run
    `Import-Module '.\Path\to\Zip`.
    Use `New-ZipArchive` to create an empty ZIP file:
        New-ZipArchive -Path 'my.zip'
    You then use `Add-ZipArchiveEntry` to add files to it:
        Get-Item 'C:\Projects\Zip\Zip' | Add-ZipArchiveEntry -ZipArchivePath 'my.zip' -BasePath 'C:\Projects\Zip'
    The above commands add the contents of the `C:\Projects\Zip\Zip`
    directory to the file at `my.zip` into the archive at `Zip`.