[ClassVersion(""), FriendlyName("cVNIC")]
class J0F3_cVNIC : OMI_BaseResource
    [Key, Description("A unique name for the vNIC")] String vNICName;
    [Key, Description("Specifies the name of the virtual switch to connect to the new network adapter")] String SwitchName;
    [Write, Description("Specifies the tagged VLAN which sould set to the adapter. If not specified no VLAN is set on the adapter.")] uint32 VLAN;
    [Write, Description("Specifies the minimum bandwithd weight for the Hyper-V QoS. If not specified the weight is not set on the adapter.")] uint32 MinimumBandwidthWeight;
    [write,ValueMap{"Present", "Absent"},Values{"Present", "Absent"}] string Ensure;