[ClassVersion(""), FriendlyName("cWSManListener")]
class BMD_cWSManListener : OMI_BaseResource
    [Key, Description("The transport type of WS-Man Listener."), ValueMap{"HTTP","HTTPS"}, Values{"HTTP","HTTPS"}] String Transport;
    [Required, Description("Specifies whether the WS-Man Listener should exist."), ValueMap{"Present","Absent"}, Values{"Present","Absent"}] String Ensure;
    [Write, Description("The port the WS-Man Listener should use. Defaults to 5985 for HTTP and 5986 for HTTPS listeners.")] uint16 Port;
    [Write, Description("The Address that the WS-Man Listener will be bound to. The default is * (any address).")] String Address;
    [Write, Description("The Issuer of the certificate to use for the HTTPS WS-Man Listener.")] String Issuer;
    [Write, Description("The format used to match the certificate subject to use for an HTTPS WS-Man Listener."), ValueMap{"Both","FQDNOnly","NameOnly"}, Values{"Both","FQDNOnly","NameOnly"}] String SubjectFormat;
    [Write, Description("Should the FQDN/Name be used to also match the certificate alternate subject for an HTTPS WS-Man Listener.")] Boolean MatchAlternate;
    [Read] String HostName;
    [Read] Boolean Enabled;
    [Read] String URLPrefix;
    [Read] String CertificateThumbprint;