The ChocolateyFeature DSC resource is used to enable or disable features.
    Chocolatey configuration lets you enable or disabled features, but while some are
    set by defaults.
    This resources lets you enable or disable a feature, but also tells you if it's been
    set or just left as default.
    Write - Ensure
    Indicate whether the Chocolatey feature should be enabled or disabled on the system.
    Key - string
    Name - the name of the feature.
    Read - ChocolateyReason[]
This is an unofficial module with DSC resource to Install and configure Chocolatey.
configuration Example {
    Import-DscResource -ModuleName Chocolatey
    Node localhost {
        ChocolateyFeature NoVIrusCheck {
            Ensure = 'Absent'
            Name = 'viruscheck'