The ChocolateySoftware DSC resource is used to install or remove choco.exe.
    Install Chocolatey Software either from a fixed URL where the chocolatey nupkg is stored,
    or from the url of a NuGet feed containing the Chocolatey Package.
    A version can be specified to lookup the Package feed for a specific version, and install it.
    A proxy URL and credential can be specified to fetch the Chocolatey package, or the proxy configuration
    can be ignored.
    Key - Ensure
    Indicate whether the Chocolatey Software should be installed or not on the system.
.PARAMETER InstallationDirectory
    Write - String
.PARAMETER ChocolateyPackageUrl
    Write - String
    Exact URL of the chocolatey package. This can be an HTTP server, a network or local path.
    This must be the .nupkg package as downloadable from here: https://chocolatey.org/packages/chocolatey
.PARAMETER PackageFeedUrl
    Write - String
    Url of the NuGet Feed API to use for looking up the latest version of Chocolatey (available on that feed).
    This is also used when searching for a specific version, doing a lookup via an Odata filter.
    Write - string
    Version to install if you want to be specific, this is the way to Install a pre-release version, as when not specified,
    the latest non-prerelease version is looked up from the feed defined in PackageFeedUrl.
    Write - String
    The temporary folder to extract the Chocolatey Binaries during install. This does not set the Chocolatey Cache dir.
.PARAMETER ProxyLocation
    Write - string
    Proxy url to use when downloading the Chocolatey Package for installation.
.PARAMETER IgnoreProxy
    Write - bool
    Ensure the proxy is bypassed when downloading the Chocolatey Package from the URL.
.PARAMETER ProxyCredential
    Write - PSCredential
    Credential to authenticate to the proxy, if not specified but the ProxyLocation is set, an attempt
    to use the Cached credential will be made.
    Read - ChocolateyReason[]
This is an unofficial module with DSC resource to Install and configure Chocolatey.
configuration Example
    Import-DscResource -ModuleName Chocolatey
    Node localhost {
        ChocolateySoftware ChococacheLocation {
            Ensure = 'Present'
            InstallationDirectory = 'C:\Temp\Choco'
# So there something