# Right click Menu
    CompileTitle           = "Compile To EXE"
    OpenInGUI               = "Open in ps12exeGUI"
    GUICfgFileDesc           = "ps12exeGUI configuration file"
    # Web Server
    ServerStarted           = "HTTP server started!"
    ServerStopped           = "HTTP server stopped!"
    ServerStartFailed       = "Failed to start HTTP server!"
    TryRunAsRoot           = "Please try again as root."
    ServerListening           = "Access address:"
    ExitServerTip           = "You can press Ctrl+C to exit the server at any time."
    # GUI
    ErrorHead               = "Oh dear, an error has occurred:"
    CompileResult           = "The result of the compilation, old chap:"
    DefaultResult           = "All done and dusted!"
    AskSaveCfg               = "Would you be so kind as to save the configuration file?"
    AskSaveCfgTitle           = "Save the configuration file, if you please"
    CfgFileLabelHead       = "Configuration file, my good sir:"
    # Console
    WebServerHelpData       = @{
        title       = "Usage:"
        Usage       = "Start-ps12exeWebServer [[-HostUrl] '<url>'] [-MaxCompileThreads '<uint>'] [-MaxCompileTime '<uint>']
    [-ReqLimitPerMin '<uint>'] [-MaxCachedFileSize '<uint>'] [-MaxScriptFileSize '<uint>']
    [-Localize '<language code>'] [-help]"

        PrarmsData = [ordered]@{
            HostUrl              = "The HTTP server address to register."
            MaxCompileThreads = "The maximum number of compile threads."
            MaxCompileTime      = "The maximum compile time in seconds."
            ReqLimitPerMin      = "The maximum number of requests per minute per IP."
            MaxCachedFileSize = "The maximum size of the cached file."
            MaxScriptFileSize = "The maximum size of the script file."
            Localize          = "The language code to be used for server-side logging."
            help              = "Display this help information."
    GUIHelpData               = @{
        title       = "Usage:"
        Usage       = "ps12exeGUI [[-ConfigFile] '<filename>'] [-Localize '<language code>'] [-UIMode 'Dark'|'Light'|'Auto'] [-help]"
        PrarmsData = [ordered]@{
            ConfigFile    = "The configuration file to load."
            Localize    = "The language code to use."
            UIMode        = "The UI mode to use."
            help        = "Show this help message."
    SetContextMenuHelpData = @{
        title       = "Usage:"
        Usage       = "Set-ps12exeContextMenu [[-action] 'enable'|'disable'|'reset'] [-Localize '<语言代码>'] [-help]"
        PrarmsData = [ordered]@{
            action     = "The action to execute."
            Localize = "The language code to use."
            help     = "Show this help message."
    ConsoleHelpData           = @{
        title       = "Usage:"
        Usage       = "[input |] ps12exe [[-inputFile] '<filename|url>' | -Content '<script>'] [-outputFile '<filename>']
    [-CompilerOptions '<options>'] [-TempDir '<directory>'] [-minifyer '<scriptblock>'] [-noConsole]
    [-architecture 'x86'|'x64'] [-threadingModel 'STA'|'MTA'] [-prepareDebug] [-lcid <lcid>]
    [-resourceParams @{iconFile='<filename|url>'; title='<title>'; description='<description>'; company='<company>';
    product='<product>'; copyright='<copyright>'; trademark='<trademark>'; version='<version>'}]
    [-UNICODEEncoding] [-credentialGUI] [-configFile] [-noOutput] [-noError] [-noVisualStyles] [-exitOnCancel]
    [-DPIAware] [-winFormsDPIAware] [-requireAdmin] [-supportOS] [-virtualize] [-longPaths]
    [-GuestMode] [-Localize '<language code>'] [-help]"

        PrarmsData = [ordered]@{
            input             = "String of the contents of the powershell script file, same as ``-Content``."
            inputFile         = "Powershell script file path or url that you want to convert to executable (file has to be UTF8 or UTF16 encoded)"
            Content             = "Powershell script content that you want to convert to executable"
            outputFile         = "destination executable file name or folder, defaults to inputFile with extension ``'.exe'``"
            CompilerOptions     = "additional compiler options (see ````)"
            TempDir             = "directory for storing temporary files (default is random generated temp directory in ``%temp%``)"
            minifyer         = "scriptblock to minify the script before compiling"
            lcid             = "location ID for the compiled executable. Current user culture if not specified"
            prepareDebug     = "create helpful information for debugging"
            architecture     = "compile for specific runtime only. Possible values are ``'x64'`` and ``'x86'`` and ``'anycpu'``"
            threadingModel     = "``'Single Thread Apartment'`` or ``'Multi Thread Apartment'`` mode"
            noConsole         = "the resulting executable will be a Windows Forms app without a console window"
            UNICODEEncoding     = "encode output as UNICODE in console mode"
            credentialGUI     = "use GUI for prompting credentials in console mode"
            resourceParams     = "A hashtable that contains resource parameters for the compiled executable"
            configFile         = "write a config file (``<outputfile>.exe.config``)"
            noOutput         = "the resulting executable will generate no standard output (includes verbose and information channel)"
            noError             = "the resulting executable will generate no error output (includes warning and debug channel)"
            noVisualStyles     = "disable visual styles for a generated windows GUI application (only with ``-noConsole``)"
            exitOnCancel     = "exits program when ``Cancel`` or ``""X""`` is selected in a ``Read-Host`` input box (only with ``-noConsole``)"
            DPIAware         = "if display scaling is activated, GUI controls will be scaled if possible"
            winFormsDPIAware = "if display scaling is activated, WinForms use DPI scaling (requires Windows 10 and .Net 4.7 or up)"
            requireAdmin     = "if UAC is enabled, compiled executable run only in elevated context (UAC dialog appears if required)"
            supportOS         = "use functions of newest Windows versions (execute ``[Environment]::OSVersion`` to see the difference)"
            virtualize         = "application virtualization is activated (forcing x86 runtime)"
            longPaths         = "enable long paths ( > 260 characters) if enabled on OS (works only with Windows 10 or up)"
            GuestMode         = "Compile scripts with additional protection, prevent native files from being accessed"
            Localize         = "The language code to use"
            Help             = "Show this help message"