A "standard" library for PowerShell inspired by the preludes of other languages

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The owner has unlisted this package. This could mean that the module is deprecated or shouldn't be used anymore.

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Install-Module -Name pwsh-prelude -RequiredVersion 0.0.9

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Jason Wohlgemuth


(c) 2020 Jason Wohlgemuth. All rights reserved.

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dev helpers git docker fp cli app scrapp


ConvertFrom-ByteArray ConvertFrom-Html ConvertFrom-Pair ConvertFrom-QueryString ConvertTo-PowershellSyntax ConvertTo-Iso8601 ConvertTo-Pair ConvertTo-PlainText ConvertTo-QueryString Enable-Remoting Find-Duplicate Find-FirstIndex Format-MoneyValue Get-Extremum Get-Factorial Get-File Get-GithubOAuthToken Get-HostsContent Get-Maximum Get-Minimum Get-Permutation Get-Screenshot Get-State Home Import-Html Install-SshServer Invoke-Chunk Invoke-DockerInspectAddress Invoke-DockerRemoveAll Invoke-DockerRemoveAllImage Invoke-DropWhile Invoke-Flatten Invoke-FireEvent Invoke-GetProperty Invoke-GitCommand Invoke-GitCommit Invoke-GitDiff Invoke-GitPushMaster Invoke-GitStatus Invoke-GitRebase Invoke-GitLog Invoke-Input Invoke-InsertString Invoke-ListenTo Invoke-ListenForWord Invoke-Menu Invoke-Method Invoke-ObjectInvert Invoke-ObjectMerge Invoke-Once Invoke-Operator Invoke-Partition Invoke-PropertyTransform Invoke-Reduce Invoke-RemoteCommand Invoke-RunApplication Invoke-Speak Invoke-TakeWhile Invoke-Tap Invoke-WebRequestBasicAuth Invoke-Zip Invoke-ZipWith Join-StringsWithGrammar New-ApplicationTemplate New-DailyShutdownJob New-File New-ProxyCommand New-SshKey New-Template Open-Session Remove-Character Remove-DailyShutdownJob Remove-DirectoryForce Remove-Indent Rename-FileExtension Save-State Show-BarChart Take Test-Admin Test-Empty Test-Equal Test-Installed Update-HostsFile Use-Grammar Use-Speech Use-Web Write-Color Write-Label Write-Repeat Write-Title


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