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Configuration SetIEHomePage
        #Target nodes to apply the configuration
        [String[]]$NodeName = $env:COMPUTERNAME,  
        #Specifies the URL for the home page of Internet Explorer.
        #Specifies the URL for the secondary home pages of Internet Explorer.
        #Set the value as 'Present'/'Absent', it indicates the IE home page is configured/unconfigured.
    Import-DSCResource -ModuleName xInternetExplorerHomePage

    Node "localhost"
        xInternetExplorerHomePage IEHomePage
            StartPage = $StartPageURL
            SecondaryStartPages = $SecondaryStartPagesURL
            Ensure = $SetEnsure

SetIEHomePage -StartPageURL "www.bing.com" -SecondaryStartPagesURL "www.google.com" -SetEnsure 'Present'
Start-DscConfiguration -Path .\SetIEHomePage  -Wait -Force -Verbose