[ClassVersion(""), FriendlyName("xHotfix")]
class MSFT_xWindowsUpdate : OMI_BaseResource
    // We can have multiple versions of an update for a single ID, the indentifier is in the file,
    // Therefore the file path should be the key
    [key, Description("Specifies the path that contains the msu file for the hotfix installation.")] String Path;
    [required, Description("Specifies the Hotfix ID.")] String Id;
    [Write, Description("Specifies the location of the log that contains information from the installation.")] String Log;
    [Write, Description("Specifies whether the hotfix needs to be installed or uninstalled."), ValueMap{"Present","Absent"}, Values{"Present","Absent"}] String Ensure;
    [write, Description("Specifies the credential to use to authenticate to a UNC share if the path is on a UNC share."),EmbeddedInstance("MSFT_Credential")] string Credential;