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By: | 12,234 downloads | Last Updated: 6/10/2023 | Latest Version: 3.8.3

Join-Object combines two object lists based on a related property between them.

By: | 83 downloads | Last Updated: 1/17/2024 | Latest Version: 1.1.5

The [Get-MarkdownHelp][1] cmdlet retrieves the [comment-based help][2] and converts it to a Markdown page similar to the general online PowerShell help pages (as e.g. [Get-Content]).\ Note that this cmdlet *doesn't* support `XML`-based help files, but has a few extra features for the comment-based help as opposed to the native [platyPS][3] [New-Mar... More info

By: | 17 downloads | Last Updated: 2/21/2024 | Latest Version: 0.0.4

The [Use-ClassAccessors][1] cmdlet updates script property of a class from the getter and setter methods. Which are also known as [accessors or mutator methods][2]. The getter and setter methods should use the following syntax: ### getter syntax [<type>] get_<property name>() { return <variable> } or (which performs a little faste... More info