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By: | 155,753 downloads | Last Updated: 6/5/2024 | Latest Version: 2.0.6

Zip and GZip utilities for PowerShell!

By: | 13,782 downloads | Last Updated: 8/6/2019 | Latest Version:

manipulating .cs AssemblyMeta

By: | 17,337 downloads | Last Updated: 2/26/2024 | Latest Version: 2.1.16

tree like cmdlet for PowerShell

By: | 6,109 downloads | Last Updated: 8/6/2019 | Latest Version:

csproj and sln files manipulation

By: | 2,930 downloads | Last Updated: 7/19/2017 | Latest Version: 1.3.5

Watches the current directory and sub-directories for changes to C-Sharp files. When a change is detected, the script searches the directory tree to find the associated project file and builds the project. When a target directory is specified, the script will also copy the updated dll and pdb to that location. When a target url is specified, the sc... More info

By: | 2,237 downloads | Last Updated: 10/7/2023 | Latest Version:

Translates a Powershell Class into a C# Class and then compiles it. The class can be referenced across all .NET Languages. Additionally all Installed-Modules can be referenced and used! Discord: ultraalex0

By: | 106 downloads | Last Updated: 7/11/2024 | Latest Version: 1.1.3

tree commands for Active Directory