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| 10,861 downloads | Last Updated: 2/9/2019 | Latest Version: 0.85

Write-Color is a wrapper around Write-Host allowing you to create nice looking scripts, with colorized output. It provides easy manipulation of colors, logging output to file (log) and nice formatting options out of the box. For support: For project info: More info

| 4,305 downloads | Last Updated: 3/2/2016 | Latest Version:

Provides basic color highlighting for files, services, select-string etc. For more information, check out:

| 503 downloads | Last Updated: 10/5/2016 | Latest Version: 1.3.0

Provides a simpler way of writing coloured text to the host.

| 302 downloads | Last Updated: 12/21/2018 | Latest Version:

Helps converting Decimal colours to Hexadecimal Colours, and vice versa