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By: | 465,572 downloads | Last Updated: 8/26/2017 | Latest Version: 0.6.11

This module contains a set of cmdlets that talk to the Octopus REST API to perform basic Octopus Deploy administration tasks

By: | 323,528 downloads | Last Updated: 9/14/2022 | Latest Version: 4.0.1131

Module with DSC resource to install and configure an Octopus Deploy Server and Tentacle agent.

By: | 1,832 downloads | Last Updated: 2/18/2016 | Latest Version: 1.5.1

This DSC module functionality has been covered by Octopus Deploy Project Triggers. ---- This PowerShell DSC module Automates the deployment of latest release of Octopus Deploy projects based on Environment and target role. This is accomplished by using Octopus Deploy REST API calls and Octopus Tools (octo.exe)