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By: | 2,420 downloads | Last Updated: 2/2/2017 | Latest Version: 0.2.0

A PowerShell module a cmdlet that mimics the way that "netstat.exe -ano" works, but instead returns objects with properties "Protocol, LocalAddress, LocalPort, RemoteAddress, RemotePort, State, ProcessId and ProcessName (The PowerShell way). Also contains a cmdlet that mimics the *nix command "Host", it resolves IP address to host name and vice ver... More info

By: | 2,740 downloads | Last Updated: 11/30/2018 | Latest Version: 0.9.1

Module with various network functions

By: | 2,453 downloads | Last Updated: 1/10/2021 | Latest Version: 1.1.0

implements a fast alternative to netstat.exe

By: | 877 downloads | Last Updated: 7/25/2018 | Latest Version: 1.5.1

netstat for Windows7/2008R2 like Get-NetTCPConnection with IncludeProcessInfo feature


By: | 219 downloads | Last Updated: 6/10/2021 | Latest Version: 1.0

PowerShell equivalent(ish) of NetStat via Invoke-Command Collects TCP Connections and UDP Endpoints via Get-NetTCPConnection and Get-NETUDPEndpoint respectively; wrapped within Invoke-Command. Links the OwningProcess to Services and/or Processes with the GetServiceDetails and/or GetProcessDetails parameters. The Windows Firewall log can be parsed v... More info