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Sometimes a user profile disk needs to be force-disconnected. This script automates the proces to a degree. - either (preferably) SessionCollection for which the UPD is stuck - or (less preferably) the file server where the UPD is located and will try to identify the RD Session Host that's got it locked. The File server will be detected automati... More info

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Extended Information about RDS sessions on current machine.

| 443 downloads | Last Updated: 9/29/2017 | Latest Version: 1.1

This script navigates through the forum threads of the specified user and reads his or her contributions: any posts, posts proposed as answer and post upvotes. The results are written to a semicolon-delimited CSV file. The following data is stored for each post: - Kind of post: "question", "reply", "proposed answer", "answer" - Number of upvotes - ... More info

| 195 downloads | Last Updated: 10/9/2016 | Latest Version: 1.0

This script processes the CSV file generated by Export-TechNetContributionToCSV.ps1 and counts replies, answers, proposed answers and upvotes per Forum (or Subforum) category. The output is a collection of objects (forum or subforum, #replies, #answers, #proposed answers, #upvotes, date of first and last post) that can be piped to Out-GridView, Fo... More info